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chapter 18: La Gomera @ damansara perdana

Rainy day... me and Ms yann and I just finished our movie " Harry Potter The Deathly Hallows " at e@Curve.
We actually had a dinner appointment with one of our friend at 1830 and we were running late. So we rush to this restaurant call " La Gomera " which is supposed to be Spanish Restaurant which serve foods in buffet style. Oh yea before that, we actually bought a promotion voucher through online ( which entitle us to dine @ RM 29.90 per pax (is a buffet if you still remember what i said earlier on..). Normal Price is RM 59.90 and RM 49.90 if you are going after 2130. So we are getting like a half price promo~ super good deal. *wink
by the way... it's located at damansara perdana (neo building)

We reach there and we start walking around to check out the food they serve before taking anything.

*still walking...

and still walking...

Ok! 30 seconds later, we start taking our food!!! Hahahaha, so now you kinda know how big is the big place! It only takes around 30 second or maximum of 45 seconds if you are a slow walker to finish walking the whole place. But who cares whether the place is super big or is small, as long as they serve good foods, right? :D

So i started of taking some garlic rice, beef and lamb stew, beef stripe, meatballs, spanish fried chicken drumstick, potato tortillas and a bowl of seafood soup. While Ms Yann took some mash potatoes (as usual, she like this kinda stuff... :P), sauteed mushroom, spanish chicken wings in tomato sauce, and prawn stuffed bell pepper!!

Just to let you guys know, my dear Yann actually forgotten to take pictures of my food!!! (she is our photographer in most of the places we go..) As usual, Ms Big Head Prawn only remember to eat her own food after taking some photos and she totally forgotten about mine.. @.@

We also ordered a magherita pizza, grill rib eye steak, grill lamb, and a garlic bread. Btw, those ordered food are cook and serve to you immediately, and each table is given a few clips so you just need to dump in those clips to the bowl like Jogoya style (as shown in the pictures below).

Nom nom Nom Nom nom...

Ok first round clear...!!! now second round..!!! Er... ok, i think you guys are waiting for me to say whether the food is good or not.. LOL..
Ok ok... garlic rice was not too bad, mash potato is normal, potato tortila is ok, lamb and beef stew is good, beef stripe is awesome, seafood soup i kinda like it... Hahahaha (i know you guys are cursing me already right now, like "what the hell!!! what kind of review is this!!! " )
i was just joking, come on!! relax man, chill~ is food review not rush hour 3.. take a look at the pictures before we explain on the taste and share our comments. :D

la gomera spaghetti

chicken cheese ball
onion rings
seafood platter
magherita pizza
lobster salad

bake rice


Ms Yann said that my face look round here and said that i put on weight !!! OMG... @@
ok... i will give her a thin and sharp look now...

There you go!! THIN n SHARP look !! :P hahahaha... i still remembered that we couldn't stop laughing during then... lol xD

Ok, i know most of you are waiting for the food review about this restaurant. First of i think is a pretty good place to try Spanish food. Wait.... please bare in mind what i just said.. i said "TRY" as in you can go there to try lots of Spanish food because is a buffet! Hahahaha.. :P Ok ok, i will be serious now... the food there is actually not bad especially the stew food. If you guys know, stew is one of the most famous type of cooking style for Spanish food and i actually went there to try a lot of their stew food like, beef stew, stripe stew, and also lamb stew. And most of the stew food is actually not bad. Aside from the stew food, the Paella Valencia is also not bad. Some people name it as Spanish Seafood Platter. The only thing about that dish was a bit salty.

And for their pizza i would say is normal, not as good as i expected to be BUT Ms Yann actually said is quite good and our friend Hui Wen, also said is quite good. = )
So maybe is just me. I am always more picky with foods.

The grill stuff (which is cook on the spot) is normal for me. I actually ordered a grill rib eye and asked for a medium cook and the chef manage to do so! Hahaha ok i know you guys are thinking, is only normal and every chef should be able to at least do that. But hey, do remember is a buffet and they do have other customer , so i will give them a credit for remembering what i ordered. (as i said, i am a very particular and picky person)
Oh yea, i nearly forgotten, if you are going to try their grill food, do remember to tell them, "Less Oil" cause i find it a bit oily. = /

Their spaghetti is very normal like you can get it any Italian restaurant therefore i am not gonna say anything about it. And their Tapas............ we din try any!! Wahahaha.... Sorry folks, i do have my daily quota on calories consumption, therefore i can only eat that much. :P So why not you guys go and try then tell me about it.. hahaha.. xD

But overall, we are quite satisfied with the food we had. And i can tell you their additional points gain from the service, freshness of the foods, and most important point.. is a buffet! You don't really get such quality food in a buffet style restaurant nowadays, seriously... : )
(Do check out MY next blog, about a Japanese Buffet Restaurant to prove what i just said.. )

Rating : *** (this 3 stars are for the good service, freshness of the food, food varieties and last but not least the taste. : )
Recommend : Not too bad, worth trying especially you haven't try any Spanish food before. It gives you a good feel of taste on what you should expect from Spanish food.
Price : We bought it at promotion price, therefore is really cheap if you ask me. If you are paying normal price, then i would say is at acceptable price.

1. Highest star is 5.
2. Which place is good? I do not know any Spanish buffet restaurant but if you want to try Tapas and willing to pay, i will highly recommend La Bodega. The Tapas is awesome and the food is quite good. = )

La Gomera
block E-LG-1& 2
neo damansara
jalan pju 8/1
bandar damansara perdana
47820. petaling jaya
selangor. malaysia
tel: + 603 7710 0262
business hour: 6pm to 1130pm

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