Sunday, February 20, 2011

chapter 35: FGS dong zen temple

11 feb 2011~
okay... this will be another boring post............ as u know it's happen like 1 month ago.. and cant really remember what happen....... hmmp......

# it's pouring heavily at Petaling jaya in the evening and yet we didnt cancel the plan to FGS Dong Zen Temple (we delay-ed it)

it's mY third visit, and if u ask me how to get there... i actually forgotten that the place was actually that far... it took more than 1 hour to reach there.

THEME OF THE DAY~ FOKGU........... (dot dot dot........... ok, i know it sounds like F***U~... i dunno how to say it in ENGLISH la.... )

yeah.. i just love visiting temple during chinese new year coz it gives u more CNY FEEL.. lolx lolx lolx... ngam mou ngam mou.. pls say yes... (aiks.. i got this bad habit which always talk to myself... my bf also got scared lioa... )

anyway.. basically i wont talk much about this post.. just picture okay! pls forgive for my lazyNESS... tq

got fun fair lo~ but raining.. so we just wonder around like 1hour plus than left the place d... >< href="">

make a wish~ make a wish............

do we look good in our Chinese traditional clothes? pls say yes again.. lolx

address: PT 2297, Jalan Sg. Buaya, 42600
Jenjarom, Kuala Langat, Selangor,

tel: 603- 31911533/ 31914303 Fax: 603-31911467

Friday, February 18, 2011

chapter 34: Valentine's Day @ fukuharu ♥

14 feb 2011~

MY's first valentine celebration.

it's the time of the year again,

this time, dear brought me to fukuharu, located @ hock choon terrace.

and guess what's the first dish? LOLx

black sesame ice cream~

okay... let me explain, they didnt make any mistake, just that me~ personally doesnt have second stomach for dessert (but definitely saved PLENTY of space for MEAT~ so i reverse the menu a little so that we can enjoy our meal more.. ^^

after enjoy the yummy yummy ice cream (never taste that good ice cream before~ ) there comes our kononnya appertizer which is

mentai sushi (yummy~ can i have more of this ^^)
RM 8 ala carte

deep fried prawn with rice cracker, also 2 thumbsup

salmon kiku ( it taste like =______________= to us but i guess some ppl can take it.too "fishy")

baby octopus ( i don like this.. but dear love it..)

smoked duck ( at first i tot it was bacon... seriously it taste like BACON..)


OMGod........ they serve really fresh sashimi~ i love the salmon belly, tuna belly... but not the yellow jack ~ i just don like the texture of the fish...

yaki mono ( salt grilled chicken with japanese citrus paste)

okay.. am a chicken lover~ but this time i fail this dish coz of the sauce~ kinda weird + bitter.. = =

Suzuki Soup /Seabass clear soup ( we really scare something fishy, but this soup is really refreshing, at first we were still kinda reluctant to try, but it's really good)

Unagi tempura Moriawase

crispy layer and the bater is just nice.

Hiyashi Tanuki Soba (cold soba with tempura flakes)

after having this, i'm satisfy with my meal~ but dear took the premium set, so we got additional dish which is beef shirloin teppanyaki

bb say it's good~ ( he even ordered another fried rice to match with his beef)

Terrance @ Hock Choon

Call or SMS: 017.209.8477
241-B Lorong Nibong,
off Jalan Ampang Behind Hock Choon Supermarket.
Opposite SuCasa Hotel.
Opening hours 8:00am-10:30pm everyday

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

chapter 33: pre- valentine 2 @ sky bar ♥

2days before valentine day, mon said want to bring me somewhere out for a drink~ (it's not really hard to guess what he's up to~ the funniest part is.. he purposely make a wrong turn.. just to distract me... *piff*)

seriously it wasn't plan-ed~ oh welll~ we didnt even make reservation~

FYI: PLS REMEMBER TO RESERVE A TABLE..coz it's always full house, base on what the waitress told us... u don wanna dissapoint ur love one rite~ *wink*

with open air pavillion perched on the hotel’s roof and swimming pool in the middle~

best views of KL

Cabana Deck~ ♥

ohya... did i mention that i didnt make any reservation earlier... yeah... we didnt.. (HOW WE GET THE CABANA DECK? )

TOP SECRET... cant tell u....... *bleakk* ( try ur puss in boots eye or maybe i might share~ )

Lychee Rose Margarita RM 34.00

i kinda heart this ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Selangor Sling RM 40.00
taste something like long island tea... nothing special~

Soft Shell Crab + Maki Rm 37.00

yeah.. i know it's kinda costly.. but it comes with a whole soft shell crab + the maki roll... so it's still consider cheap u know.. and taste really good too~ ♥♥

Sticky Nacho Chili RM 12.00 ♥♥♥♥♥

omg... this is love~ once u start munching this.. u can never stop.. SUGGEST NOT TO ORDER THIS.. super addictive~ and FATTENING TOO~ lolx

Don't forget to make a reservation earlier for better views
coz we went during weekdays and it's FULL~

SkyBar @ Traders Hotel K.L.

Kuala Lumpur City Center.
50088, Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia

Tel: 03- 23329888

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

chapter 32: pre- valentine @ victoria station ♥

i know... VICTORIA STATION is nothing new to u guys and maybe some of u might have been dining in here for like 1 millions times already....

but i swear it's definitely my FIRST TIME..

we were seated in the cabin (super excited... )

but kinda pack......... =_________ = another family celebrating birthday... so is like a bunch of spot light lo~

lobster bisque

the first sip i took it make me goes grrrr................... *goosebumps* maybe it was my first time tasting it.. so i kinda hopping it will taste something like creamy chicken soup... lolx... so i took another sip... i actually start liking this smooth creamy soup with lotsa and lotsa flavor in it... *wink*
lamb rack

can i ask for another rack............. ^^
i love my sauce... unlike my dear never like to have lotsa sauce so the meat end up taste like the sauce.......... ok.. nvm... forget about what i say. basically i kinda like this.. but i still love my milk fed lamb rack from meatworks
rib eye

dear just love his beef.......

what do i have to comment much? they are already so well known with their steak... overall we do enjoy the atmosphere and the food with reasonable price....... nice place to spent with ur love one...

Victoria Station House of Fine Steak

11-17, Jalan Setiapuspa,
Medan Damansara,
50490 Kuala Lumpur
03 20936888, 03 2094 9406

tel: 603 20949406