Friday, February 18, 2011

chapter 34: Valentine's Day @ fukuharu ♥

14 feb 2011~

MY's first valentine celebration.

it's the time of the year again,

this time, dear brought me to fukuharu, located @ hock choon terrace.

and guess what's the first dish? LOLx

black sesame ice cream~

okay... let me explain, they didnt make any mistake, just that me~ personally doesnt have second stomach for dessert (but definitely saved PLENTY of space for MEAT~ so i reverse the menu a little so that we can enjoy our meal more.. ^^

after enjoy the yummy yummy ice cream (never taste that good ice cream before~ ) there comes our kononnya appertizer which is

mentai sushi (yummy~ can i have more of this ^^)
RM 8 ala carte

deep fried prawn with rice cracker, also 2 thumbsup

salmon kiku ( it taste like =______________= to us but i guess some ppl can take it.too "fishy")

baby octopus ( i don like this.. but dear love it..)

smoked duck ( at first i tot it was bacon... seriously it taste like BACON..)


OMGod........ they serve really fresh sashimi~ i love the salmon belly, tuna belly... but not the yellow jack ~ i just don like the texture of the fish...

yaki mono ( salt grilled chicken with japanese citrus paste)

okay.. am a chicken lover~ but this time i fail this dish coz of the sauce~ kinda weird + bitter.. = =

Suzuki Soup /Seabass clear soup ( we really scare something fishy, but this soup is really refreshing, at first we were still kinda reluctant to try, but it's really good)

Unagi tempura Moriawase

crispy layer and the bater is just nice.

Hiyashi Tanuki Soba (cold soba with tempura flakes)

after having this, i'm satisfy with my meal~ but dear took the premium set, so we got additional dish which is beef shirloin teppanyaki

bb say it's good~ ( he even ordered another fried rice to match with his beef)

Terrance @ Hock Choon

Call or SMS: 017.209.8477
241-B Lorong Nibong,
off Jalan Ampang Behind Hock Choon Supermarket.
Opposite SuCasa Hotel.
Opening hours 8:00am-10:30pm everyday

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