Monday, December 10, 2012

Chapter 78: Restoran Long Grilled Fish Seafood @ Jinjang Utara

Was viewing back my old photos and saw this...These photos has been resting inside my hard disk for almost a year, so the food quality might be differ =P

Restoran Long Grilled Fish Seafood use to be one of the great hang out place for the seafood lovers... or maybe it's still very famous to some of them... hmm~

i have been here for few times but didnt know this was actually the place i am looking for.. saw them on tv and wanted to try out so badly.. but maybe it's too pack so the quality of the food also drop. unless u are regulars and request request and request = )

One fine night, was craving for grill stingray... so mon brought me here. 

requested for crispier.. so here this is = ) satisfied my tastebud but the chili doesnt have the ohummmm... but overall, not too bad = )

Mantis prawn fried in *season speciality for coming CNY 2012 sauce* (forget what izzit called)
mon and i dislike the sauces.. so i don know they still have this during the cny..  

and lastly, their homemade taufu was actually really smooth... 

hahahaha.. actually i think they have some other famous dish like butter mantis prawn... *yumms* but we didnt order that day cause thought of trying something new.. so... that's it for now = ) 
guess i shall check out the place soon.. since it's almost 1 year already.

Loong Grilled Fish Seafood Restaurant
Lots 12-14, Jalan Kelab Jinjang Utara (aka Jalan Jinjang Aman 2),
52000 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 012-386 2832 / 012-312 2718

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Chapter 77: Gyuichi @ Hartamas

Yoshhhh !!! Today is Mon's birthday!!! Woooots~ and because of that my Mrs is bringing me to eat my fav beef, WAGYU !!!! Lolx d(^ o ^)b
I always wanted to try this place out because i am a beef lover and heard a lot of good reviews from friends and net about this place... So finally we are here at ts famous Gyuichi Japanese BBQ Restaurant which serves high quality wagyu beef bbq style....

Is actually quite easy to find this place as is located @ Sri Hartamas main area where all the shop lots is.., (nearby souled out and the fire station).. Took us 5 mins to find it... ^^

The interior is quite simple and nice ... Place is not too big , and can only serve up to 10 tables... So i will suggest is best to make a reservation first before going... BUT well, because is my birthday , hence my Mrs booked the whole restaurant just for us .... Wahahahaha. ^^

* each table comes with their own grilling stove like any other BBQ restaurant. Well it also means that you can choose to do the cooking yourself... ; )

The waiter came and took our drink order first and we start our dinner with a Japanese beer (IMO, the best to go along with BBQ) Suntory Premium Malt Beer !!! First time trying this and wow, the taste was superb. The beer was smooth , and the taste was awesome. U can taste the malt taste in every sip.... Just the perfect start for the dinner !!! *thumbs up

Not to forget their sauces... Personally like the sauce in the middle... Is like a multipurpose sauces which goes well with all kind of meats = )

And we also ordered a tomato salad with japanese dressing as our appetizer... Is fresh , juicy and very appetizing... Is a good combination with a meaty meal like this .... Mrs love this a lot...

Ta dang!!!!! The main course for today , black wagyu supreme set ( RM 128 for 250gram ) !!! Comes with wagyu ribs , striploin and tongue .... All BMS > 8 .... For those who doesnt know , BMS actually stands for beef marble standard. Range from 1-12.... Lowest quality is 1 amd highest is 12. The higher the number is , the more marble the beef is... A lot of places now serves wagyu but low grade wagyu hence is cheaper in price and of cause the quality is also different.. So for beef or wagyu lover , this is a tip for you, always check with the restaurant on the BMS for the wagyu they serve before jumping into ordering to avoid disappointment. ; )

Oh , btw , anything 8 > is already very good and considered as Grade A wagyu... Look at the picture above and you can see how marble the beef is..... O.O

*grilling the wagyu with a little pinch of sea salt to a medium cooked perfection !!! Yum yum~
Cant wait *drooling*

We also ordered hotate which is scallop (RM22 for 3 piece) because Mrs love hotate... Grilling it on the side with some butter.... ^^ But nothing beats the hotate at Sumika -ss15

Beside the wagyu we also ordered a P Toro (RM 22).... (Is actually Prime Pork Belly) and Pork Belly Skewer w Burdock and Asparagus (RM18 per serving - 2 sticks)... Hohoho.... This is actually a super fattening meal......!!! But, with good food it comes with great sacrifices!!! Hahahaha

* i personally love the one with asparagus more as i find that the burdock is a bit too sweet to my liking. Not a very good combination with pork belly. But do try it out and let us know what u think. ; )

And not to forget my Mrs favourite gyoza (RM 8 - small) ... But dont bother ordering this , nothing special about it and should justsave the stomach for other food.. = p

Hot Broth Egg Udon RM 14.00

Wagyu beef fried rice RM 8.00 - small

Comparing these 2 dishesh, it's really nothing to shout about on the fried rice. But we must highlight on their udon, although mrs thinks that it's kinda pricey.. But it's really good.. = ) love the whole combination, especially the sauces mix with the egg on the springy udon.. Simply delicious. ^ ^
By the way.. This restaurant has nothing to do with gyukaku which is a newer restaurant that located at iseatan one utama food paradise.. I remember i have read from someone's blog who kinda mislead me that they are sister company.. So yeah.. We have verify from them and they have only this restaurant... = ) .. If anyone who wanted to pamper themselve with luxury meat.. I would say gyuichi would be a great choice..

Gyuichi BBQ Restaurant
No. 3 Jalan 19/70A, Plaza Prisma Ville,
Desa Sri Hartamas,
Kuala Lumpur

Tel: +603-6205 2233