Saturday, January 4, 2014

Chapter 84: salon du chocolat @ publika

I dunno why i just never able to remember the name till i step my foot to the place.. I got attracted their chocolate desserts.. Call up a few of my chocolate desserts kaki and here we are.. Like finally...
Once arrive there.. Its like ohhhh this place.. I use to pass by this shop and they sell lots of delicious chocolate truffles.njkk.kruyryuaq. K.

We found out that the shop wiill close according to the malls operating hour. >< it was thurs... We arrived at 9.30pm.. While we walk pass the other shops.. We saw them cleaning up and packing.. Seems like the mall it closing. it got us so worried.. We run to the shop and just sit beside the door lol..


Chocolate pancake rm12.50

waffle stick rm 9.50

Salon crepe rm 39.50

Among all these 3 above i love the pancake most.. Reason is their pancake is really fluffy.. I just like how they do it.. As for the chocolate.. U can ur preference like white, dark, milk or mix 3 chocolate. Only the salon crepe we took dark because of their recommendation and because it fills with fruits, so i guess dark chocolate can match better.. Over all its ok.. Will come back again if i am craving for pancake =)

Salon du chocolat

Lot 26-27, level G2
Publika shopping gallery
Solaris dutamas
Jalan dutamas 1.
50480. Kuala lumpur

Tel: +60362112300

Chapter 83: ippudo Malaysia

Our second celebration with damon.. Last year xmas.. He still in his baby stroller and now he is able to walk by himself =)

Family photo @ pavvi..

FINALLY have the chance to come kl and try ippudo malaysia branch like after a year.. I quite avoiding on asking him to try this because Mon is quite a huge fan of santouka ramen.. And we also tried ippudo during our tokyo trip.. Seems he didnt like it alot and still prefer santouka.. As for me.. After my pregnancy, i didnt quite like all this heavy pork bone soup..

So here comes...

TSUKUNE rm17.90
I order a pork tsukune with pouch egg top and fried ramen... I personally kinda like the taste and as for mon.. He never like all this stuff.

Shiromaru special rm34.00

I wouldnt comment much because i just had 2 sips on the soup.. I don feel rejecting neithe the *wow* effect. But little mon likes it alot.. He had 2 small bowls and when he wanted more.. The big mon finished the last drop d. >< as for mon.. I think he still prefer his first love.. Especially the combo comes with the chasu rice in santouka =D

Pork bun RM 7

Steamy hot bun with braised pork belly with ippudo sauce. No doubt that the well marinated + stew pork belly is juicy but i just cant accept the pork smell.. *. Fail this*

Verdict: so far so good.. Maybe will come back for the hambagar =)

Lot C4.07.00, Connection Level 4,
Pavilion KL,
No 168, Jalan Bukit Bintang.
55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: +603 2110 6233