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Chapter 80: Waroeng Iga @ 1Utama

Before start this.. I must confess that i'm super guilty while writing this post. [Not that i haven been update for so long.. But something worst =( ]

GOD pls don punish me (><) i hereby confess that i finish everything below in an hour time.. arrrgggghhhhhh.... but i must say SATISFACTION MAX!!!! LOLxx

Our first stop which is the initial lunch place, "TGIF"....

Yann wanted something *light* so she ordered the Chicken Nachos, and as for me, i was planning to have steaks until the supervisor recommended the Championship BBQ Ribs

1/2 Chicken nachos rm24.90

8 slices of nachos cost like a bomb ><...

Champion BBQ Ribs rm59.90

Well i must say , the supervisor really did a great job on recommending this dish to us.... The beef rib is one of the best i had so far... (Well althou i still think pork rib is the best but for beef , this is really good..) the meat is tender , juicy and marinated w some sweet BBQ sauce making it very tasty and appetizing... Is serve with an additional bowl of BBQ sauce for those who wanted more sauce and some onion rings, fries and apple salad... I personally like how the rib tasted; not to sweet and a lil bit of . It was almost perfect and satisfaction.. Till next..

Yann pass by this shop weeks ago during their renovations.. She always been a huge fans of penyet chicken.. But of cos she might tot she got no kaki to makan with her. Coz i never really fancy fried stuff unless its super good...

So just right after my lunch... We passby this shop and just flipping thru their menu, tot maybe can visit the shop the next round. BUT i cant resists the food so end up order a IGA PENYET SET.

Very nice interior designs which yann likes... She always claim that she like modern vintage. Now i can said she like indonesian style.. Lolx

Iga Penyet Set -rm 20.90

The set comes with a bowl of soup, rice, keropok and of cause iga (beef ribs)
How can this ribs be juicy on our first impression. coz they claim this is their signature dish and it didnt dissappoint us.. the meat was well done but it is soft , tender and well marinated.... Is perfectly match w the Specialty Sambal from the chef....
The complimentary bowl of soup which tasted like soup Tulang (or maybe is really sup Tulang) hahaha. Very nice soup ; the simmering soup let out a delightful aroma of spices, the scent wafting through your nose makes it irresistible and a perfect combination to the iga Penyet set.

The sambal can be the "star" of this shop. itl doesnt taste like typical sambal that provided in the market.. But can taste slight diff as this added abit of lemon leaf, therefore very appetising and you don feel the oily taste eventhou are fried dish.

As for the down side.. We were quite dissatisfy by the portion of the food as we paid like 20++ for the dish. But other than that... Its really a DAMN satisfy meal...

God pls don punish me as i am sharing this to all my frens <3

Waroeng Iga @ 1utama new wing beside vietnam kitchen