Thursday, June 21, 2012

Chapter 61: Ichiro Sushi Bar @ 1 Utama Isetan

After the new opening of Isetan at old wing One Utama, 
there is newly open little food corner name EAT paradise.

The food corner wasnt really big, and at the very corner, there is this sushi bar , Ichiro !!!! All the chefs are japanese and all their ingredients are freshly imported from Japan. O.O First thing comes into my mind is $.$ *ka ching* lol. But like I always say , I'm a true believer of "quality comes with price" and I love good foods, so I will js go ahead and try it out !!


*just showing u guys how the place look like... Is kinda small , but is ok. Overall I like the place , simple and like the name "sushi bar" ^^

feeling so high tech by ordering with ipad, and kabooom~ they make ur food instantly = ) Oh yea , they will also shout all kinds of Japanese mantra from the moment u enter the restaurant, when u confirm ur order , and when u pay ur bills and leave the restaurant !!! = p well is not actually mantra but just some greetings and all.... Hahaha so please don't b alarm or surprise by it.

Dragon Maki RM 19.00
well , I'm actually a big fan of sushi and rolls ... So I ordered this dragon roll to try it out ... This dragon roll is by far the best dragon roll I ever had.. The unagi was superbly nice and mix with tamago, avocado and cream cheeseeee (lightly burn with torch) Yes , cream cheese... Is very special right ?!! But the taste mix in well and is just perfect for anyone who is a fan of dragon roll !! Must try !! d(^ o ^)b

IchiRoll RM 40.00
This is their signature roll , is call, the Ichiroll. As a fan of sushi rolls, of cos I will order this n try it out.. Well , is like Futomaki but this is with lots of seafood... From unagi to salmon , tuna , tamago , cucumber, pickle, and crabmeat... I'm not sure whether I miss anything else because this is a super big roll. Comes in 8 pieces after cut... The taste is unique and is very well mix in... Is nothing like anything I had tried so far. And by unique , I also mean is very very very good !! I would say this is definitely their best roll in the menu.... Something that must b try by anyone who visit this place !!! Again thumbs up to them and I'm truly in love with it. d(^ o ^)b *highly recommended.. MUST TRYYYY dish*
 Stuff with tuna, salmon, tamago, crab meat stick, cucumber, unagi and some pickles

Matsu Set RM45.00
First comes to my mind that the price is costly but once u put the tuna into ur mouth, than u will know the money are worth paying for what u having. *2 thumbsup* must try for those sashimi lover. fresh are just not the word to describe

Chicken Teriyaki Roll RM12.00
This chicken teriyaki roll is actually quite normal to my liking. Is good in the sense the way they make their sushi roll (rice texture and all) but the taste is just like chicken teriyaki with rice ... Nothing special to me. But u guys can try and share with me your opinion. But I would definitely not order this again because I need save up my quota for other better stuff !! Hehe. = p

Ume Shiso roll RM5.00
Japanese plum roll, i thought i might like the taste (we always saw this type of roll in comic books) but unfortunately... i don like it.. lolx.. but worth trying since it's not super expensive 
Tamago nigiri RM3.00
Well, now we go into Nigiri. I am also a big fan of tamago ! Is actually takes a lot of skill to make a nice tamago and is not as easy as u think. And because I'm a fan , I order of this tamago Nigiri which cost me rm3 per piece. >< expensive for a piece of tamago I would say. BUT after I try this piece of tamago Nigiri , I was like "oh dear , this is sooooo good!! I want 1 more pleasee ...... !! " totally forgotten about the price. Hahaha. Well to put it more simple , is super good ! I dunno how to express the goodness
California Maki RM 9.00
Highly recommended, the seaweed are still fresh when serve. u can feel the crunchiness of the seaweed and all the fresh ingredient been wrap. 

Beef Tataki Nigiri RM5.00
i would just say.. MUSt TRY = )
Chawamushi RM4.00
It look and feel so solid but it melted in ur mouth. Goshhh.. it's so good *thumbsup*
Ebi Tempura RM20.00

I am a big fan of tempura, but this were my least liking, not to say it doesn't taste good. it was good thou, but i just love my tempura's has thicker batter. but Mon prefer this version more coz he is more health conscious than i am.

Everything were so fresh... ^^  MUST CHECK OUT THIS PLACE 

Chapter 60: Huey & Wah cafe @ Straits Quay~ Penang

Last month went to penang with Mon. It has been 4 years since the last visit (yes, both of us..) 
and hell yeah, Penang change alot.

pass by this shop while checking up around the place

HomeMade Marshmallow

I'm a huge fan of marshmallows but trying to cut down cause is really sinful (made from sugar) and Mon the health conscious one never like eating something just FAT. But this change his mind *evil*

They literally melts in your mouth and slowly u will taste the strong aroma~ personally love the *STOUT* marshmallow alot. don worry, there's no alcohol taste. but just left the strong smell once u chew it.

The lady owner actually teach us to put into hot beverage (yeah, nothing new) but once we try it. we fall deeply in love with it.

HOT Plain Milo with STOUT marshmallow is *LOVE*

ps: i actually tried local coffee (cheapo brand) with vanilla marshmallow and it really taste awesome. i don take coffee, unless it's added with huey& wah marshmallow.. 

Address: 3A-G-31, Straits Quay, 
Jalan Seri Tanjung Pinang. 
Tel: 04-890 3962
Operating Hours: daily 1030- 2230

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Chapter 59: My Elephant @Hartamas

Not having appetite for few weeks since i started back gym... Dunno for what reason, i just don't feel like eating much... i do feel hungry but whenever i see food, i just feel like vomiting... Well, the only thing i feel like eating is spicy and sour stuff.... which then leads us to here, one of the very famous Thai restaurant , The White Elephant located at Hartamas. Heard this place from my sis and wanted to try it few weeks back but din manage to book a place during then (weekend) and we heard the place is always full and pack with visitors from everywhere... Famous ma, as usual lo...
Anyway, it was afternoon, and i was just thinking, wanted to eat something spicy and so here we are....
From the name i was actually thinking that the place suppose to have a BIG GIANT elephant statue on the front door... lol.. i don't know why i have this image, but is just whenever people tell me about Thai Restaurant, i would assume nice Thai architecture , fill with nice Thai decorations inside, maybe some village/forest like environment with a bit of statue here and there.... hahaha.... so for this case, due to the name , The White Elephant, i was thinking that they will have a big giant white elephant statue in front of the entrance! So while we were looking for that place, (I was driving), I was actually looking for the big giant elephant... Hahahaha... Until i saw the signboard (thank god i found it, with the guide given by the friendly waiter when we called in earlier)... haha.. well, take a look at the picture yourself and you will understand why i said so... It was SOOOO BIGG that we "COULDN'T" have miss it !! xD

Ok, the place was cool and nothing like what i had imagine in my mind... no fountain , no thai architecture, no thai decorations, no leaves no nothing but nevertheless, it was nice with some simple modern decoration... LOL... Well, it doesn't matter much to me anyway, all i wanted was good food and something which can open up my appetite...


So, first thing up

Citron Cooler (RM8.00)

Start up with a nice drink from them call the Citron Cooler... is actually lime juice mix with lemon grass and pandan leaves...  good combination and like the name itself, it will really cool u down on a hot day... Naise.... ! = D

Som Tam Malakor 

We ordered this Som Tam Malakor (which means glass noodle salad with some mince meat and seafood) I personally love this dish and usually order it whenever i go to any thai restaurant... Is spicy and a lil bit sour with some glass noodles mix in with some mince meat , prawn , squid, coriander leaves, onions, and some sour mango..... Is a good combination for a starter to open up ur appetite... Perfect for me now!!! ^^ 
and they did a good job serving this dish with excellent taste; not too spicy and not too sour, js right with springy glass noodles which some restaurant serve it a bit too soft (over cook).... and also the seafood was all fresh... :D

Stir fried kang kung (RM 15.00)

Then, like any usual restaurant i visit, i will order a green... so i ordered this Fried Kang Kung... Hmmmm, im ok with the vegs, but i just dont like how they mix in some mince meat to fried along... i prefer my vegs just vegs... and not with some meat here n there.. hehe... but like i said, the kang kung is good, not over fried, still crunchy and the taste is good... so perhaps i should tell them, "no mince meat please!!! js kang kung and more kang kung! xD"

Snow fish

Ok.. this dish was recommended by some blogs and we din really like it as much... we find the fish a bit fishy taste.. and the taste is too normal to our liking.... hmm, perhaps u guys can try it and let us know what u think? :D

Khai Jiao Ho Mok (RM13)

Is also known as the otak otak omelette.... this is the BEST omelette!!! very original taste..
Fried egg in thick layer with otak otak (fish paste) inside, tomato, onion, basil leaves and some other ingredients which we forgotten what it is.... hahaha u cant blame me, it taste so good that i just focus on eating and i dont remember anything else.... Dip in the sauce together , is the perfect combination !!! Woots.. highly recommended !!! Naissssssse! d(^ o ^)b

Tod Man Plah  Deep fried fish cakes 

Fresh, is like the fish is in your mouth bouncing here n there... so bouncy...
by Yann.... <<<< noobest comment ever (Mon)

Gai Tod Gratiam Prik (RM15)

Ok, this is basically fried chicken but The Elephant style.. i dunno whats the ingredient to their marination, but it does taste good... trust me, i dont really compliment fried chicken while the fried chicken lover is Yann... because to me, most places fried chicken is just normal... not special... but this is different... this is good S!@#.... try it! 

Gaeng Phat Yaeng (RM35)
The duck curry with lychee & dragon fruit 

Ok, this is recommended by the staff of the restaurant.. and is one of the most famous and mostly ordered dish.... is superrrrrrr good... nice combination of taste especially for duck lovers..... u guys should know duck have this different kind of meat taste compare to other poultry... hence is actually quite hard to cook duck or i should say there r limited ways of cooking duck... this is the first time i tried duck curry...and what more, with fruits cooking together with it... the meat texture is tender, not rough, curry taste is aromatic and not too spicy or strong... with some dragon fruit and lychee to compliment the curry, is actually helps to boost out the lil sweetness taste in the whole curry flavor and mix with some fresh santan; BOOOM, MIND BLASTTTTTIIIINGGGGG!!!! Must try guys... d(^ o ^)b

MY Elephant Tom Yum Seafood (RM25)

Da Dang!!! how can anyone visit a Thai Restaurant without ordering tom yum ... right?
Right guys? errr, wait, dont tell me u guys dont order tom yum when u visit a Thai restaurant...
Well, fear not, if u dont , u can start trying this!!! But try this at ur own risk, because this version is the extra extra spicy version.... (of course for some people who cant take too spicy, they do have the normal version) BUT Mon is different, Mon feeds on spicy.... He is the God-of-Spicy.... He fears no spicy.... Ok, so i ended up taking up the challenge... i manage to finish up 1 and half bowl (small bowl).... errr... was not on form on that day... :P hehehe.... but yann manage to down 3 bowl!!! well, if she manage to down 3 bowl, i could easily down 5.... so just to show u guys, i was really not on form... ahemm... back to main topic, the soup was great... dont b deceive by the clear soup based tom yum.... looks plain, but is superbly nice flavoured... with lots of fresh herbs and ingredient and some seafood to go along, this is really a must try tom yum... so far , this is the best tom yum in KL up to date (that i have tried....) 
I can quite certain say , tom yum lover will definitely love this!

Burp!! SO full after all those foods.... BUT i still have some space for some desserts.... hahaha i know what u guys thinking, talking about no appetite and all and now walloping like a pig.... lol ... it shows how good those food is... xD

Anyway, the above is the best mango and durian cheese cake i ever had.... using fresh fruits, the restaurant owner make this own cheese cake and serve it on menu for customers to order... and for those who love this cheesecake and wish to buy a whole cake for any celebration, they do sell it as well... this is really good... im a super big fan of this! but, the downside is, super fattening... >.<
dont think i want think about it for now ..... need to diet... :P

ok thats all for now folks.. is been a while since i write... wife been nagging .... (oh yea for those who doesnt know, we got married ) :D
hahaha... thanks to those who congrats and fuck u to those who din... woots! Ciaos...

My Elephant Thai Restaurant
20 Ground Floor and 1st Floor

Jalan Sri Hartamas 8
Taman Sri Hartamas
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel No : 03 – 6201 0649
Opening Hours : 12pm – 2pm , 6pm – 10pm (close on Mondays)
(also check out their PJ outlet @ Happy Mansion)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Chapter 58: Durian Fever

Yeah.. It's durian season already. I would say this that the majority of Malaysian are crazy of durian. actually I am not a durian fan, I consider myself as social durian eater LoLx

Ok I will just say I don really like durian smell, but I don mind trying it. Especially when it comes to dessert. (I'm not a dessert fan either), just trying it for the sake of trying.I like the way they match the king of fruits into desserts. Imagine how they actually blend the strong aroma durian flavor into dessert. And it's taste awesomely good.

Here's now some of the durian desserts that I have tried. = D No ranking just sharing

Durian Millie Crepe @ Food Foundry

Thin layer of crepe with fresh durian paste prepare daily, and it's limited. (call and reserve before heading over) Other than just Durian flavor, they actually have other flavours of Mille Crepe; Vanilla, (the famous one) Chocolate, Strawberry, and Mango as well. All for RM9 for a slice but RM 10 for the Durian and Mango slices.

Food Foundry
BG-8, Happy Mansion,
Jalan 17/13,
Petaling Jaya,

what can durian evolve to?  YES PUFF~  next... 
Durian Puff @ Taste Better 

RM 1.50 per pc ( mouth bite size)
I don mind paying $$ if it's really good. anyway i love puff, but i think this doesn't really reach our expectation.

Taste Better
No.96, Jalan Hang Jebat, 75200. Melaka
Tel: 0126355912 (ms goh)

another outlets that is just located at Kota Damansara

Durian Ice Cream Puff @ Dreamz Bakery

RM 8.00 (6 pc)
Personally thinks that the cream are not too bad but the puff itself is abit soggy.

Dreamz Bakery
No 58, The Strand,
Jalan PJU 5/20D,
Pusat Perdagangan Kota Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya.
Tel: +6012-6265249
Business Hours: 9am – 9pm
Closed on Wednesdays

Durian Pancake @ Durian Durian
i have posted this before, u can read it here.

Crispy at the outside with the awesomely good Musang king filling. Not cheap dou.. Almost cost a mix rice price for such a small pc

RM4.50 /pc (musang king)
RM3.50 /pc (durian)
Durian cake @ Australia Confectionary

Simplest cake but i guess was the best in the list. something similiar like strawberry soft cake but they replace the strawberries with durian puree and with some peanuts crust on the outer layer of the cake.
The durian paste wasnt that *gao*/ thick but the taste is strong enough (guess they using good durian) you eventually get to taste the durian texture.

1 portion is RM7.00. Whole cake are also available too at price of RM90 if not mistake, do call to check it out. ohya.. they serve durian puff too= )

13, Jalan 21/11A, Sea Park,
46300. Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03-78760640

Durian Cheese Cake @ My Elephant (thai restaurant)

Actually this cakes are make by Purple Monkey (yes they dont bake them). Mon has rated this as the best durian cheese cake (cheesecake also)

if you don feel like trying durian flavors, there are alternate choices like MANGO, STRAWBERRIES = D and more~ check out the menu here
Whole cake are available but do call to make order at price of RM80

Sri Hartamas
My Elephant Restaurant
No. 20, Jalan Sri Hartamas 8,
Taman Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur.
Hours: 10am to 2pm & 5pm to 10pm
- Close on Monday

KL SentralSuasana Sentral Loft, Jalan Stesen Sentral 5, 50470 Kuala Lumpur.
Hours: 8am to 6pm - Everyday
Tel: 017 260 4781

Chocolate Durian Cake @ Just Heavenly

You might tought it's just ordinary chocolate cakes from the look

Coated with rich chocolates

But it's full of *surprise* inside = D almost like eating a real cake  *LOL*

RM 10.90

Bangsar Shopping Center
Ground Floor, East Wing
Bangsar Shopping Centre,
295 Jalan Maarof,
59000 Kuala Lumpur
Opening hours: Daily 9am – 10pm
there's so many more durian desserts in the market like durian bajam kuih, durian pancakes, durian chendol and many many more that i have not try... do drop  me a comment where else so i can go check it out someday

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Chapter 57: Hui Lau Shan 许留香 @ 1 Utama

Finally the Famous HUI LAU SHAN dessert has landed Malaysia
(wondering why it took so long)
Originally from Hong Kong, and it's scatter all over the place and just mongkok area itself has few stores, so i bet those who has visited Hong Kong definitely know what this about.

the menu is quite similar to the one that i have tried in HK 

Mango Icey Sweetie Ball @ RM 11.90

Fresh mango puree and mango cubes <3 with *tong yuen* and mango ice cream all blends well.

Fresh Mango Mochi @ RM 4.90 (3pc)
mon love this so much that he munch the whole plate and forget that he is on diet.. LOLX
triplle mango delight RM 9.90
similar to the mango sweetie ball, just that this doesnt have *tong yuen* but with mango pudding

the pudding is quite artificial taste to me.. but overall is good = D


Mango Icy Sago Pomelo RM 11.90
very mild taste of santan/coconut milk(that's why it's call healthy dessert) and lots of pamelo and mango puree. 

okay, i dunno what this call but cantonese is called * tong bat lat* 
something taste like mochi, just that the peanut is less fine. which i prefer this version compare to our local mochi version ( much chew able peanut texture) 

Hoi Lau Shan Healthy dessert
First Floor, Old Wing
1-Utama Shopping Mall,