Thursday, June 21, 2012

Chapter 61: Ichiro Sushi Bar @ 1 Utama Isetan

After the new opening of Isetan at old wing One Utama, 
there is newly open little food corner name EAT paradise.

The food corner wasnt really big, and at the very corner, there is this sushi bar , Ichiro !!!! All the chefs are japanese and all their ingredients are freshly imported from Japan. O.O First thing comes into my mind is $.$ *ka ching* lol. But like I always say , I'm a true believer of "quality comes with price" and I love good foods, so I will js go ahead and try it out !!


*just showing u guys how the place look like... Is kinda small , but is ok. Overall I like the place , simple and like the name "sushi bar" ^^

feeling so high tech by ordering with ipad, and kabooom~ they make ur food instantly = ) Oh yea , they will also shout all kinds of Japanese mantra from the moment u enter the restaurant, when u confirm ur order , and when u pay ur bills and leave the restaurant !!! = p well is not actually mantra but just some greetings and all.... Hahaha so please don't b alarm or surprise by it.

Dragon Maki RM 19.00
well , I'm actually a big fan of sushi and rolls ... So I ordered this dragon roll to try it out ... This dragon roll is by far the best dragon roll I ever had.. The unagi was superbly nice and mix with tamago, avocado and cream cheeseeee (lightly burn with torch) Yes , cream cheese... Is very special right ?!! But the taste mix in well and is just perfect for anyone who is a fan of dragon roll !! Must try !! d(^ o ^)b

IchiRoll RM 40.00
This is their signature roll , is call, the Ichiroll. As a fan of sushi rolls, of cos I will order this n try it out.. Well , is like Futomaki but this is with lots of seafood... From unagi to salmon , tuna , tamago , cucumber, pickle, and crabmeat... I'm not sure whether I miss anything else because this is a super big roll. Comes in 8 pieces after cut... The taste is unique and is very well mix in... Is nothing like anything I had tried so far. And by unique , I also mean is very very very good !! I would say this is definitely their best roll in the menu.... Something that must b try by anyone who visit this place !!! Again thumbs up to them and I'm truly in love with it. d(^ o ^)b *highly recommended.. MUST TRYYYY dish*
 Stuff with tuna, salmon, tamago, crab meat stick, cucumber, unagi and some pickles

Matsu Set RM45.00
First comes to my mind that the price is costly but once u put the tuna into ur mouth, than u will know the money are worth paying for what u having. *2 thumbsup* must try for those sashimi lover. fresh are just not the word to describe

Chicken Teriyaki Roll RM12.00
This chicken teriyaki roll is actually quite normal to my liking. Is good in the sense the way they make their sushi roll (rice texture and all) but the taste is just like chicken teriyaki with rice ... Nothing special to me. But u guys can try and share with me your opinion. But I would definitely not order this again because I need save up my quota for other better stuff !! Hehe. = p

Ume Shiso roll RM5.00
Japanese plum roll, i thought i might like the taste (we always saw this type of roll in comic books) but unfortunately... i don like it.. lolx.. but worth trying since it's not super expensive 
Tamago nigiri RM3.00
Well, now we go into Nigiri. I am also a big fan of tamago ! Is actually takes a lot of skill to make a nice tamago and is not as easy as u think. And because I'm a fan , I order of this tamago Nigiri which cost me rm3 per piece. >< expensive for a piece of tamago I would say. BUT after I try this piece of tamago Nigiri , I was like "oh dear , this is sooooo good!! I want 1 more pleasee ...... !! " totally forgotten about the price. Hahaha. Well to put it more simple , is super good ! I dunno how to express the goodness
California Maki RM 9.00
Highly recommended, the seaweed are still fresh when serve. u can feel the crunchiness of the seaweed and all the fresh ingredient been wrap. 

Beef Tataki Nigiri RM5.00
i would just say.. MUSt TRY = )
Chawamushi RM4.00
It look and feel so solid but it melted in ur mouth. Goshhh.. it's so good *thumbsup*
Ebi Tempura RM20.00

I am a big fan of tempura, but this were my least liking, not to say it doesn't taste good. it was good thou, but i just love my tempura's has thicker batter. but Mon prefer this version more coz he is more health conscious than i am.

Everything were so fresh... ^^  MUST CHECK OUT THIS PLACE 

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