Thursday, June 21, 2012

Chapter 60: Huey & Wah cafe @ Straits Quay~ Penang

Last month went to penang with Mon. It has been 4 years since the last visit (yes, both of us..) 
and hell yeah, Penang change alot.

pass by this shop while checking up around the place

HomeMade Marshmallow

I'm a huge fan of marshmallows but trying to cut down cause is really sinful (made from sugar) and Mon the health conscious one never like eating something just FAT. But this change his mind *evil*

They literally melts in your mouth and slowly u will taste the strong aroma~ personally love the *STOUT* marshmallow alot. don worry, there's no alcohol taste. but just left the strong smell once u chew it.

The lady owner actually teach us to put into hot beverage (yeah, nothing new) but once we try it. we fall deeply in love with it.

HOT Plain Milo with STOUT marshmallow is *LOVE*

ps: i actually tried local coffee (cheapo brand) with vanilla marshmallow and it really taste awesome. i don take coffee, unless it's added with huey& wah marshmallow.. 

Address: 3A-G-31, Straits Quay, 
Jalan Seri Tanjung Pinang. 
Tel: 04-890 3962
Operating Hours: daily 1030- 2230

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