Wednesday, May 4, 2011

chapter 39: a whole different way to spend ur weekend


if answer all YES to above questions than i guess this is what u need to try for ur next coming weekend

oh... of coz is not fish feeding~
i'm just trying to show u that what u gonna face while u fall into the lake.... LOL.. giant cat fish will be waiting for u. *yumm yumm*

and while waiting....... = )
camwhoring will be the best thing to do...

 this cute little hut is their office~

wake boarding is just as easy like 1 2 3......... like baby learn from sitting to stand... yup. it's that easy.... = )

(i'm not a pro yet.. so i'm not gonna guide or tell u how we make it... U MUST TRY IT URSELF... )

and this is the wake board... (belongs to a 8 years old boy, who's a MALAYSIA team player... OH WOW...)

NERVOUS SHIT... i push mon to go first.. coz i somehow feel that i am not able to do it... *sweating*

after strap on the ankles on the board, it's time................. dan dang!!!! we will throw him into the sea..*ngek ngek ngek*

oohya.. even u know how to swim.. u must wear the safety jacket~  ( i wonder do those international competition require them to wear on it. hmmp is like u cant see their 6 pack coz it will be cover by the jacket... HOW SAD... )

say bye bye to mr. mon... (personaly feels that when the boat is getting further from me.. i actually start getting nervous.. DON ASK ME WHY... it's just happen... )

one shot done.. i'm so proud of myself... (so i guess even i can make it.. u guys definately can make it... )

the whole activities took around 1 hour plus plus~ and we really enjoy it.. especially mon actually got addicted!! so who wanna go with us next ^^ do pm me ya~

left is gary the owner~ very friendly guy with really *old* voice.. or maybe he is really old but looks young.. haha jkjk... and also lovely lili~ the gf of the owner.. (haha.. taken.. )

love their tanned body... lolx.. somehow we can see the difference easily..

Mines Watersports @ Mines Wellness Hotel

operating hours 
weekdays : 1 pm- 7 pm
weekends and public holidays : 9 am- 7pm
closed on Mondays (except for public holidays)
contact no: 601 6269 0081



this is the rates i found on the internet.. i guess u guys should call up for that...


*** Gift Certificates Available Upon Request ***

Weekdays Weekends
Wakeboarding or Waterskiing Set (maximum 15 minutes) RM55.00 per person RM70.00 per person
Competition Slalom Course (maximum 6 passes) RM55.00 per person RM70.00 per person
Hourly Wakeboarding or Waterskiing
(includes equipment)
RM200.00 per hour 
RM280.00 per hour 
Hourly Wakeboarding or Waterskiing with Coaching
(includes equipment)
RM250.00 per hour RM320.00 per hour
3 Hours Wakeboarding or Waterskiing N/A RM720.00
Banana Boat Ride (maximum 15 minutes & 5 people) RM50.00 per group
(maximum 5 people)
RM65.00 per group (maximum 5 people)

* special hotel rates for wakeboarders and skiers upon request

enjoy the video below as u will know how hard can this be.... = )

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sneak peak: WAKE BOARDING @ Mines Wellness Hotel

Wake boarding is awesome... Highly recommend to those who love extreme sport... Videos will be uploaded soon ya... stay tune..

Wake board

wait me edit my videos first...        *back aching* i think i am too old for such extreme sports already.. 

chapter 38: H Artistry @ opera~

hey guys... how's ur weekend... (i bet no one is reading this coz most of u guys are still partying out there... ) and yeah... i just back from the H Artistry ... Ya.. I know it's before 12 am still and yet I'm blogging about this already.. anyway.. now i'm lying on my bed and blogging about this and prepare to sleep.. *yawn* i guess m really too old for all this kinda event..... (although i'm still 18.. LoLx)

THE GLOBAL OF MIXING........... (cranberry is the ohhmm...♥ apple is still alright.. citrus also soso~ ohya... i din try ginger... )

they keep changing our cup.. so kinda paiseh if din manage to finish it up before they change it... kinda tipsy after few hours... LoLx

........... HOW COME everyone is sitting nia......

okla.. i din take much pix.. just sit there and drink.. hehe........ so... that's it for today la.. got to go bed.. and tomolo got wakeboarding

with ♥ yann~

p.s: ANYONE WHO GOT THE HELIOUS EDITION BOTTLE OF HENNESY... and u don wan it. u can drop me a comment and sell it to me....