Sunday, July 1, 2012

Flavours Baking Workshop with Palm Oil~ Date with Catherine Lau

Yes, if u still remember that i actually post about the workshop registration. and now i am sharing what we did during the workshop = D

Just on time *phew*

Kinda nervous coz i have never attend to any baking workshop, and i have ZERO knowledge about baking. worry that i cant cope with it. 
But so far everything is good, easy understanding and they actually prepared all the list of ingredients and all simple steps. (if u don und, they still have Q&A session)

after 3 hours, all 3 is done = D (impressive coz can bake 3 desserts in such short hour)

yummsssss..... red velvet cupcake, scones, and chocolates tartles.. nom nom nommm~

baking with palm oil taste good too, i think that's the reason why the scones are much moist compare to those we had outside... *love it*

look compact, but really niCe 

a photo with Catherine 

*smile widely open * As a cheapo + kiasu "kononya housewife" love free stuff 
= D 2 bags of goodie bags