Tuesday, November 15, 2011

chapter 45: bangkok tourist scam *SAMBOONDEE SEAFOOD RESTAURANT*

As promise, this is the post that i must share to you guys so that you wont be facing the same experience.

Now let me start what happen to us during our bangkok trip.
Mon wanted to visit where the locals eat, so he actually ask the tuk tuk to bring us to eat... and so, the kononya* generous driver bring us here...

this is the outer look of the restaurant. if ya worry u cant remember how it look like.. remember the name SAMBOONDEE = sounds like SOMEBODY to me.. lolx

and yes, they do have fresh seafood

but the price killssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!

we have order 1 tom yam gong (small)

3pc of prawns and some mushroom

seafood fried rice with small prawns and some squids

and a small bottle of CHANG beer

guess how much we spent???!!!!!!!!!

total spent for our dinner is RM100~ yeah.. is RM100 not 100 bath~ damn riped off ok...and remmeber it's a one pax meal (cause i'm still full)

after 2 hours... we tot of having supper and mon was still unhappy with the dinner. this time he ask a taxi driver to bring us eat.. and end up.. they bring us back to the same place.....

so REMEMBER GUYS!! never ask the drivers and tuk tuk to bring u to eat...

for more stories.. try google it, u will be surprise there's so many victims like us

Sunday, November 13, 2011

chapter 44: BANGKOK BANGKOK ~ day 1

basically i will just post pics of what we ate and so.. coz we didnt really did any sightseeing

it's Buddha week when we visited bangkok last month
~it's mon's first visit to bangkok. as usual, i have to bring him around for good food. although i am not very familiar with the places as well
we were really hungry, once we step out from the hotel, there's PRATUNAM market
*scream* yeah!!! it's shopping heaven.. and we did actually spent our entire 3days there just to shop
anyway, we stop by one of the vendor and bought a *popiah*

dear actually kinda refuse to eat it with the sauce but surprisingly it's good with the sauce and peanut


and next we headed to PLATINIUM MALL's food court @ pratunam which located at 6th floor

stew pork knuckle rice ( must eat when visit thai)

pork keow chap (with added chili flakes) *gulp* i miss the clear soup

beef noodle

and not to forget
MANGO sticky rice *wink* super juicy mango and sticky rice with coconut milk 


as for dinner, i will blog in another post due to me and mon had actually bad experience with the tuk tuk driver. so don miss that post because it might happen to u if u visit bangkok next time..

Saturday, November 12, 2011

MY Happiest Moment

LOVE at first sight?
Now, here's a story that i will share.
It all just started like any other fairytale stories that always ended with happily ever after.
I still remember clearly how we first met and slowly fall to each other. 
Whenever I think back now , I will just say it's all just fated that we met each other. If is not for that moment i clicked, I wouldn't be able to meet her, MY wife now.
I know...  meeting her is my happiest moment, It was like a dream come true... 
From how our relationship progress from just friends on Facebook till now... I still laugh and think is funny whenever I think about it... everything is still so fresh and felt like it just happen  yesterday. Although from knowing her till today is just less that 2 years = )


My love for her will always be like this piece of memory, fresh and fill with happy laughter. 
I love you, yen... i wish my happiest moment doesn't just end here .... 
but to create happiest moments together of me and you.



Thursday, November 10, 2011

chapter 43 : homecook restaurant @ bangsar HUCK'S CAFE

Just a few simple Facebook message and few calls / sms to re-confirm reservation and orders. ( They do not serve walk in customers , limits to 20pax and make sure u order before hand because they will shop for fresh ingredient daily )

Huck's cafe serve a combination of western and local delicacies to suit our taste bud. menu can be view here.

once enter, greeted by the lovely atmosphere, love each and every piece of the decorations with baliness feel.

basil seed mint soda - mon like it alot coz of the *frog egg look alike seed* which i personally thinks  the soda drinks too sweet.

mushroom soup- very thick and creamy *yummy*

our main dishes were  the chef's (huck) recommendation

lamb shank with garlic mash potato- nicely stew and not overly done hence the meat texture is just nice. soft and detach from the bone easily. taste was perfectly match with the brown sauce which did not cover the original taste of the lamb. d (^0^) b 2 thumbs up!!!

yann'spamigiani chicken mushroom- the chicken is very tender and juicy, but the sauce are just too sweet to my preference. but overall acceptable

after main course been serve, lemon grass tea for us. simply refreshing.

durian mud pie ice cream- this was not to bad (to my tasting) the only downside of it was a little too sweet and it had raisin. I'm not a big fan of raisin.. but the good thing is the durian was really fresh and nicely blend wih the ice cream hence i kinda like how they bring out the durian flavour and with the nuts topping which added crunchy texture. another thumbs up for this ^^

and for my dessert....
huck will prepare the creme brulee right infront of us 

creme brulee- love the roasted top sugar coat of the cream brulee which surprisingly not too sweet and the smooth vanilla custard.. simply just love it ~ best ever ^^ 

22, Jalan Abdullah, Off Jalan Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 59000 Kuala Lumpur.

Contact Number

Working Hours
Tuesdays to Sundays
7.00pm - 11.00pm

So now u know where to bring ur love one for ur next occasion = )

Monday, October 24, 2011

i'm BIG SHOT!!!

My airasia BIG loyalty + debit card has arrived today~
if the loyalty program has started earlier than would have earn myself few hundred biggies for a free flight redemption already!!! Argghh!! Anyway I guess is like a MUST HAVE IT card to those who often travel with airasia

so watcha waiting for... quick log on to www.tune2big.com = )


Thursday, October 6, 2011

random ♥

i know i know... we have been lazy ( mostly thanks to mon, he is the one who's dragging not me  ^^ )
don worry, we will soon make this blog active  = )

♥ by yann ♥

Sunday, July 31, 2011


30 JULY 2011~

we went back to the place we first met~ ( u can read about it here )
it was 17 feb 2010

 and now here we are.. back to the place we first met~ and you proposed = D

once again thanks to emeryn and voon for the photos~

Thursday, July 7, 2011

chapter 42: romantic dinning @ tanzini

Tanzini with the tagline "from farm to table" 

Inspired by the fresh food movement, Tanzini advocates a quality approach in presenting its cuisine to diners. We've gone out of our way to rethink how we source, prepare and present our dishes so that it tastes good and makes you feel good.

It's good to try something new / expensive once in  a while, Mon knows that i never been to any fine dinning, so he brought me to Tanzini which located at G tower KL

i am so excited and of cause dress up to suit their classy interior and atmosphere... LOLx

but seriously i guess we just don't really belong to this kinda place cause is just so weird to speak out loud

 they serve complimentary freshly baked foccacia bread while waiting~ 

 front: Tanzini- Tea RM18
 back: cherry tea RM 18

Tanzini Antipasti Tower (RM50)
A 3-tier platter featuring the day’s offer of their fresh antipasti (change daily)


*smoked salmon*

*smoked duck*

 Agnello Milanese (RM46)
Cutlets of Australian lamb grilled served with olives, eggplant and sun-baked tomatoes

perfectly grilled till crispy on the outer layer and yet juicy in the inside~  *yumm yumm* i am hungry when i writing this. = D~


Pan-roasted Barramundi (RM38)
Organic barramundi served with baby potatoes, cherry tomatoes, porcini mushrooms, zucchini, cornetti beans and lightly dressed with an anchovy glace
The fish is really fresh, heard that all the fish are organics and is still live before serve~ what i mean is not frozen fish... = )

next we went to outdoor to enjoy the KL scenery

and for dessert~

Tiramisu A Pezzi RM 26

creamy texture but not *rum* enough~

Dessert Platter Rm35
macaroon, cheesecake, and chocolate marble

should have just order their *signature* cheesecake cause it's really good, and the rest~ don bother.. lolx

ps: don bother asking me how much total cost for that night... >___< 

Level 28 GTower
199 Jalan Tun Razak
50400 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2168-1899
Open Mondays-Saturdays
Lunch: 11.30am till 2.30pm
Dinner:  6.30pm till 10.30pm

Thursday, June 30, 2011

chapter 41: Lili Marleen Sunset Dinner Cruise @ LANGKAWI


-MY- one year anniversary

i bought the ticket like half year advance from the zero airfare (u should know which airline i'm reffering to) so the flight ticket is just cost me RM 70 return back for 2 pax *REAL DEAL*
it's so cheap till it's like cheaper than taking a bus trip from KL to IPOH return back =)

me and my boy

once arrived~ we rented a nissan sentral for RM 60 outside of the airport (inside the airport only willing to offer RM100 best price)

here goes~
Station 1- Telaga Harbour Park, Pantai Kok

seriously DONT EVER THINK OF TRYING THIS PLACE~ i just write this coz i din wan anymore victims like us +___+
overprice and the food suck (seriously i never complain on paying but when the food is really bad.. *spoil my mood )

but i kind of enjoy the scenary of the place.. ARGGGHHH!! regret.. should have just eat at the LOAF ><

so after the awfull lunch at HAMACHI , we tot of taking the cable car~ but it's freaking expensive so i din bother~ just walk around the place and headed to the jetty near pantai chenang

and after waiting for half an hour at the jetty~
 finally we been transfered from the small little sampan to the big boat

the cruise does look cute from far (really excited)

really nice weather to cruise on that day

but once on board is like nightmare begin~
wonder why there's like family gathering and the kids actually occupied the whole entire place which really annoyed~ cant enjoy much

the interior design are still okay but it has really bad smell that u wont feel good
Anyway, we got this deal from groupon~ RM 250 for 3hours sunset dinner cruise (INTERNATIONAL BBQ DINNER + FREE FLOW BAR)

but seems like it's just normal buffet and only have some wine and cheapo beer which i don really like ><
i was expecting to have BBQ on the boat *sadness*

last pic of the sunset

and sorry that we didnt take much pix on that day coz really bad sea sick
(i actually threw out for the first time on cruise  >__<)

by yann >___<

basically i rather u just take the normal cruise will  be even better than this