Thursday, November 10, 2011

chapter 43 : homecook restaurant @ bangsar HUCK'S CAFE

Just a few simple Facebook message and few calls / sms to re-confirm reservation and orders. ( They do not serve walk in customers , limits to 20pax and make sure u order before hand because they will shop for fresh ingredient daily )

Huck's cafe serve a combination of western and local delicacies to suit our taste bud. menu can be view here.

once enter, greeted by the lovely atmosphere, love each and every piece of the decorations with baliness feel.

basil seed mint soda - mon like it alot coz of the *frog egg look alike seed* which i personally thinks  the soda drinks too sweet.

mushroom soup- very thick and creamy *yummy*

our main dishes were  the chef's (huck) recommendation

lamb shank with garlic mash potato- nicely stew and not overly done hence the meat texture is just nice. soft and detach from the bone easily. taste was perfectly match with the brown sauce which did not cover the original taste of the lamb. d (^0^) b 2 thumbs up!!!

yann'spamigiani chicken mushroom- the chicken is very tender and juicy, but the sauce are just too sweet to my preference. but overall acceptable

after main course been serve, lemon grass tea for us. simply refreshing.

durian mud pie ice cream- this was not to bad (to my tasting) the only downside of it was a little too sweet and it had raisin. I'm not a big fan of raisin.. but the good thing is the durian was really fresh and nicely blend wih the ice cream hence i kinda like how they bring out the durian flavour and with the nuts topping which added crunchy texture. another thumbs up for this ^^

and for my dessert....
huck will prepare the creme brulee right infront of us 

creme brulee- love the roasted top sugar coat of the cream brulee which surprisingly not too sweet and the smooth vanilla custard.. simply just love it ~ best ever ^^ 

22, Jalan Abdullah, Off Jalan Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 59000 Kuala Lumpur.

Contact Number

Working Hours
Tuesdays to Sundays
7.00pm - 11.00pm

So now u know where to bring ur love one for ur next occasion = )

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