Saturday, November 12, 2011

MY Happiest Moment

LOVE at first sight?
Now, here's a story that i will share.
It all just started like any other fairytale stories that always ended with happily ever after.
I still remember clearly how we first met and slowly fall to each other. 
Whenever I think back now , I will just say it's all just fated that we met each other. If is not for that moment i clicked, I wouldn't be able to meet her, MY wife now.
I know...  meeting her is my happiest moment, It was like a dream come true... 
From how our relationship progress from just friends on Facebook till now... I still laugh and think is funny whenever I think about it... everything is still so fresh and felt like it just happen  yesterday. Although from knowing her till today is just less that 2 years = )


My love for her will always be like this piece of memory, fresh and fill with happy laughter. 
I love you, yen... i wish my happiest moment doesn't just end here .... 
but to create happiest moments together of me and you.



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