Tuesday, November 15, 2011

chapter 45: bangkok tourist scam *SAMBOONDEE SEAFOOD RESTAURANT*

As promise, this is the post that i must share to you guys so that you wont be facing the same experience.

Now let me start what happen to us during our bangkok trip.
Mon wanted to visit where the locals eat, so he actually ask the tuk tuk to bring us to eat... and so, the kononya* generous driver bring us here...

this is the outer look of the restaurant. if ya worry u cant remember how it look like.. remember the name SAMBOONDEE = sounds like SOMEBODY to me.. lolx

and yes, they do have fresh seafood

but the price killssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!

we have order 1 tom yam gong (small)

3pc of prawns and some mushroom

seafood fried rice with small prawns and some squids

and a small bottle of CHANG beer

guess how much we spent???!!!!!!!!!

total spent for our dinner is RM100~ yeah.. is RM100 not 100 bath~ damn riped off ok...and remmeber it's a one pax meal (cause i'm still full)

after 2 hours... we tot of having supper and mon was still unhappy with the dinner. this time he ask a taxi driver to bring us eat.. and end up.. they bring us back to the same place.....

so REMEMBER GUYS!! never ask the drivers and tuk tuk to bring u to eat...

for more stories.. try google it, u will be surprise there's so many victims like us

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