Sunday, October 21, 2012

Chapter 74: Satay Satay @ 1U

The shop has been there for quite some time but me and mon were kinda reluctant to try cause there is bad impression on satay chain store which they cant manage to QC their food. U know what i mean ~_____~ Passes by a few times and saw the crowds on the weekend and thought maybe we should give it a try...

We went on the following weekdays around 5-6pm and it's empty.. We felt like a king cos been serve by 3 waitress. And one of them actually playing with my son.. LoLx

Sorry for my super poor iphone4 quality photos.. I think my phone camera having problem..

Happy boy * pinch pinch*

We have ordered a satay set.
Satay set (5 chicken /5 beef) RM14.50
OMG.. With that price.. Is like almost double of what i usually eat. ><
Mon tried his beef first and i had my chicken... The chicken satay might look dry but u are totally wrong... It was very juicy, tender and CHARCOALMATIC. I like it very much but for the beef, mon say it is just below normal. But he is always high expectation.
And for the gravy, it was above our expection, compare this to the olden day's hj samsudin satay, this sauce still lack of ouhmm.. But me wasnt complaining..

The little room at the corner, look something similiar to those room that normally ppl make " siu loong pao" and this, they actually show the process of grilling the satay with charcoal.. = ) yes charcoal grill satay in a chain restaurant is hard to find, not to mention inside a shopping complex... yumm!! Overall we are satisfy with the satay.. And tot giving their main dish for another try..

We ordered a laksa
RM 8.90
It didnt dissapoint us...
Just lack of spicy which i think is alright because we asked for more chili padi to add into the laksa... Yumms... I guess it was a good try = ) for the price paid

TEL: 03-77284828

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Chapter 73: Ribs @ oasis BU4

Ribs @ oasis that located in the hidden side of Bandar Utama area which serve lots of pork dishes..
Thanks to groupon deal, otherwise i wont be able to spot this restaurant.

I got myself a very good deal of a pumpkin soup and a reverse pork burger for 2 with a very cheap deal... i was actually expecting a portion sharing by 2 but ended up 2 of each..

The drinks which i forget what izzit call (lime soda and orange lemon soda...)cost RM 8.90 each are well spent. Seriously been a cheapo like me will only order mineral water, chinese tea or green tea.. I dunno why i give their drinks a try and they didnt fail me. Pure..
Pumpkin soup are good.. At least i like it, thick and creamy yet u wont feel too geli.
Reverse Pork Burger
Personally think it was quite normal.. Their drinks and the soup are actually much impressive, but i always have the stomach for pork.. there goes my belly..
The patty was nicely seasoned but too dried.. And just simple mayo and chili sauce as saucing..
Overall it was not too bad, u still can grab a quick porkie meal if u are around that area and with such pricing... GOOD.

2 Tengkat Bandar Utama,
1-1 BU4 Oasis Complex,
Petaling Jaya, SELANGOR 47800
Tel: 03-77298921

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Chapter 72: Namoo in the park @ Publika

It was a besties/ jie muis makan session that has been plan weeks ago but due to some reason i postponed... Sorry my bad... Anyway, initially plan to try out a coffee bistro call Lavinier coffee which i read bout it at TImeOut magazine (august and september issue). So happy that i manage to get some deals too.. Mana tau, they close down pula. >< have to change plan again... Sorry my bad again... Than i know there is a place i wanted to try... Macam damn nice la the place.. And so happen we all dress so vintagely ( kononya-la) aunties need ban leng leng abit d..

Meet namoo = )
At first i tot it was a indoor park.. Than kena tipu-ed.. They have outdoor area which kononya the park.

But still i love each and little bit of deco.. Each and every corner just feel so warm = )
Authetic korean food with modern twist...

4 of us ordered 4 diff main dishes so that we can share.

Garlic Bulgogi Rice RM19.90
Very normal... I dunno about the beef, but the sauce are just too normal.

White cream chicken omuto RM19.90
Something similiar like nasi pataya, or japanese omellete rice with fried chicken, and with the white cream sauce... Yumms... I actually like this although is super sinful ><

Bibi Rice Burger- chicken/ beef RM19.90
We choosed chicken bibi rice burger, seriously to those who love to eat bibimbap. I can assure u that this will suit ur tastebud. Aromatic rice with some sesame smell.. " drolling while posting this"

Spicy seafood RM23.90
Too oily for my liking, but taste wise... Not too bad. The kimchi's spicy oil ( very mild spice) actually bring out the sweetness of the seafood. Very new to me...

Sweet potato cake RM 9.90
I really dunno should i call this dessert coz it's not sweet... Texture like mash potato but not salty.. LoL.. Ended up we left more than half of the cake even shared by4. Guess that we have made a wrong decision on desserts..

Overall we still enjoyed very much. Must have more jie mui session

I would say this is a great place for camwhore session = )

Namoo on the Park: Korean Dessert Cafe N Bistro
Publika, Lot 4A,
Level G3, Solaris Dutamas,
1 Jalan Dutamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Chapter 71: Ikuzo Ramen @ ss2

Me and mon never an early person, even woke up early.. We still drag and go out late.... Therefore, we always end up have really late breakfast/ brunch/ lunch.. What ever u like to call it as.. LoL.. So today at almost 3, i bet most of the restaurant around ss2 area is cleaning up. With no other choice, we decided to check this place out.. ( sounds so forceful) Haha...

It was a newly open ramen restaurant ( around May i guess) right beside Mc Donald ss2. Somehow i feel that i should have choosen mcd that day.. Ohwelll!!!!
Simple yet fun interior..

Ramen revolution indeed...

No nasty ingredient... Hmm..

Felt so localized...10 condiments to spice up.. U have fried garlic, fried onions, pickled ginger, chili sambal which is similiar to those famous chili pan mee chain store.. And more..

Green tea milk RM 4.80
Eventually taste good.. But not icy enough..

Tokyo Ramen RM 7.90 - original thin noodle

They have choices like thin or flat ramen, sounds even more like pan mee style???? =p

Soup wise, not too porky.. Not too bad thou.. Like what they say lighter and healthier ( not sure about healthy). i am ok with their soup.. But for the noodle... It's worst than instant ramen.. All the noodle was broken to small pieces.. And no texture... I rather chew rubber band ><

Yakiniku RM 3.80
I didnt try this, coz i don eat beef.. But Mon say it taste like chinese style beef which the beef is very dry..

Gyoza RM 4.50 -5 pcs
The filling was ok.. but the skin is really thick.. I can even taste the flour.. Sigh.. But for the price 4.50.. I shouldnt complaint...

Tsukune RM2.00 -3 pcs
And for the chicken meat ball... Seriously.. I dunno how to express the texture... Grinded too much andlots of flours.. Why do i even bother ordering this ><

Seriously, i'm never a picky person... Maybe.. at least not as picky as mon.. To me, i always understand $$ vs quality.. So i will not expect paying less than RM10 will get something like other ramen chain.. But if i really happen that i only left RM10.00 in my pocket.. I would rather just had a bowl of pan mee rather than complaining the noodle here.. Yeah.. It is that bad... My advice... I rather pull up the pricing and fix the noodle.. and for the side dish.. Lolx hire a new chef la... can u sell those stuff.. Have u actually tried??? Lolx i sound so mean today.. Anyway this are still my personal preference = ) there are still supporters right.. Ohya.. I did read alot good reviews about this place.. So i guess maybe it's our bad day, or their standard drop.. So good luck guys and happy trying...

Ikuzo Ramen
No. 52, jalan ss2/61
47300. Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03-78733100

Monday, October 15, 2012

Chapter 70: Yut Kee Restaurant - Hainanese Cuisine Kopitiam

Yo!!!! Ladies and Gentlemen..
Today is Sunday.. It's Family Day

I will bring papa & mama go makan makan = )

Wahhh.... So many ppl Q-ing already...
Daddy has been here, so he has a few must order list, and for mummy... She is pork lover, so i know she will love this place.

Lam Mee RM 7.00
mom: Not those typical dark soy sauce that we use to eat.. But not too bad.. Especially with their chili sauce.. Yum yum
Dad: still as good as last time..

Fried glass noodle RM 6.50
Mom: tasteless and soggy >< but i love their belacan..
Dad: sadly that this not as good as last time

Dry beef noodle RM 8.00
mom: Yut Kee version of kon lou noodle. Not bad
Dad: Yummy yummy.. Me likey

Roast Pork ( weekend special ) RM 14.00/ half roll RM 70 whole loaf RM130
Stars of the day... Daddy mummy none stop munching and even tapao another portion for popo somemore.. I guess this is really good... Crispy skin.. " i also wan to eat le"

Roti Babi RM 8.00
Mom: golden brown bun, but not crispy rather oily, the filling was not too bad.. Overall it was just alright..

After a nice meal... See papa & mama .. Both so happy happy d

Mommy's shy boy...

daddy's cheeky boy

Yut Kee Restaurant
35, Jalan Dang Wangi.
50300. Kuala Lumpur.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Chapter 69: bakeri joy @ taman megah

Seriously, i think i have pass by this shop more than a million times or maybe lesser but still, after all this years.. i have never once step into this shop until one day, Mon wanted to check out this place.. And ever since, we have revisit the place almost every week.

Ok, base on my memory, i remember this shop use to sell bakery stuff.. Yeah, i wasnt reffering to "bake with yen". Even till that day Mon asked me, i still answered him the same thing, but i am totally wrong.. lolx ( wondering why i have make such mistake)

Everything was so... So antique feel = )

Nothing fancy.. Sweet and simple. Wooden chair and marble top table,

I love what they sell... All freshly bake daily = ) and best thing is they only use butter.. No margerine..

And their highlights are the butter cakes... It's really good. Moist enough yet u wont feel too butterly oily. I love their banana cake with walnut = )

Chocolate moist is good too= )

And not to miss their cheese apple tart... Woahhh.... *highly recommended*
The lady boss actually teach me to serve with a scope of ice cream. Have no chance to try with ice cream yet.. But i have put into the fridge as how she teach me...

Tom yum fried noodle, very simple yet tasty

Nyonya Curry laksa, very homey type of curry noodle with beansprout, taufu pok, and toped with fried omellet strip. It is a clearer soup base of curry which is very aromatic.. For extra ouhmm.. Just add in their sambal which is not those typical oily chili paste style... Personally will prefer more chili so it will be spicier.

Hainanese chickenchop
Mon doesnt really like too fried stuff. But i love this.. Thin crispy fried chicken chop and thier special gravy... Yuumsss.. It goes really well with the fries too.

I just like pic = )

Bakery Joy

No. 4, Jalan SS24/13
Taman Megah
Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-78055188

Ohya... If i'm not mistake, i guess it is pork free = )