Sunday, October 14, 2012

Chapter 69: bakeri joy @ taman megah

Seriously, i think i have pass by this shop more than a million times or maybe lesser but still, after all this years.. i have never once step into this shop until one day, Mon wanted to check out this place.. And ever since, we have revisit the place almost every week.

Ok, base on my memory, i remember this shop use to sell bakery stuff.. Yeah, i wasnt reffering to "bake with yen". Even till that day Mon asked me, i still answered him the same thing, but i am totally wrong.. lolx ( wondering why i have make such mistake)

Everything was so... So antique feel = )

Nothing fancy.. Sweet and simple. Wooden chair and marble top table,

I love what they sell... All freshly bake daily = ) and best thing is they only use butter.. No margerine..

And their highlights are the butter cakes... It's really good. Moist enough yet u wont feel too butterly oily. I love their banana cake with walnut = )

Chocolate moist is good too= )

And not to miss their cheese apple tart... Woahhh.... *highly recommended*
The lady boss actually teach me to serve with a scope of ice cream. Have no chance to try with ice cream yet.. But i have put into the fridge as how she teach me...

Tom yum fried noodle, very simple yet tasty

Nyonya Curry laksa, very homey type of curry noodle with beansprout, taufu pok, and toped with fried omellet strip. It is a clearer soup base of curry which is very aromatic.. For extra ouhmm.. Just add in their sambal which is not those typical oily chili paste style... Personally will prefer more chili so it will be spicier.

Hainanese chickenchop
Mon doesnt really like too fried stuff. But i love this.. Thin crispy fried chicken chop and thier special gravy... Yuumsss.. It goes really well with the fries too.

I just like pic = )

Bakery Joy

No. 4, Jalan SS24/13
Taman Megah
Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-78055188

Ohya... If i'm not mistake, i guess it is pork free = )


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