Monday, October 15, 2012

Chapter 70: Yut Kee Restaurant - Hainanese Cuisine Kopitiam

Yo!!!! Ladies and Gentlemen..
Today is Sunday.. It's Family Day

I will bring papa & mama go makan makan = )

Wahhh.... So many ppl Q-ing already...
Daddy has been here, so he has a few must order list, and for mummy... She is pork lover, so i know she will love this place.

Lam Mee RM 7.00
mom: Not those typical dark soy sauce that we use to eat.. But not too bad.. Especially with their chili sauce.. Yum yum
Dad: still as good as last time..

Fried glass noodle RM 6.50
Mom: tasteless and soggy >< but i love their belacan..
Dad: sadly that this not as good as last time

Dry beef noodle RM 8.00
mom: Yut Kee version of kon lou noodle. Not bad
Dad: Yummy yummy.. Me likey

Roast Pork ( weekend special ) RM 14.00/ half roll RM 70 whole loaf RM130
Stars of the day... Daddy mummy none stop munching and even tapao another portion for popo somemore.. I guess this is really good... Crispy skin.. " i also wan to eat le"

Roti Babi RM 8.00
Mom: golden brown bun, but not crispy rather oily, the filling was not too bad.. Overall it was just alright..

After a nice meal... See papa & mama .. Both so happy happy d

Mommy's shy boy...

daddy's cheeky boy

Yut Kee Restaurant
35, Jalan Dang Wangi.
50300. Kuala Lumpur.

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