Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Chapter 71: Ikuzo Ramen @ ss2

Me and mon never an early person, even woke up early.. We still drag and go out late.... Therefore, we always end up have really late breakfast/ brunch/ lunch.. What ever u like to call it as.. LoL.. So today at almost 3, i bet most of the restaurant around ss2 area is cleaning up. With no other choice, we decided to check this place out.. ( sounds so forceful) Haha...

It was a newly open ramen restaurant ( around May i guess) right beside Mc Donald ss2. Somehow i feel that i should have choosen mcd that day.. Ohwelll!!!!
Simple yet fun interior..

Ramen revolution indeed...

No nasty ingredient... Hmm..

Felt so localized...10 condiments to spice up.. U have fried garlic, fried onions, pickled ginger, chili sambal which is similiar to those famous chili pan mee chain store.. And more..

Green tea milk RM 4.80
Eventually taste good.. But not icy enough..

Tokyo Ramen RM 7.90 - original thin noodle

They have choices like thin or flat ramen, sounds even more like pan mee style???? =p

Soup wise, not too porky.. Not too bad thou.. Like what they say lighter and healthier ( not sure about healthy). i am ok with their soup.. But for the noodle... It's worst than instant ramen.. All the noodle was broken to small pieces.. And no texture... I rather chew rubber band ><

Yakiniku RM 3.80
I didnt try this, coz i don eat beef.. But Mon say it taste like chinese style beef which the beef is very dry..

Gyoza RM 4.50 -5 pcs
The filling was ok.. but the skin is really thick.. I can even taste the flour.. Sigh.. But for the price 4.50.. I shouldnt complaint...

Tsukune RM2.00 -3 pcs
And for the chicken meat ball... Seriously.. I dunno how to express the texture... Grinded too much andlots of flours.. Why do i even bother ordering this ><

Seriously, i'm never a picky person... Maybe.. at least not as picky as mon.. To me, i always understand $$ vs quality.. So i will not expect paying less than RM10 will get something like other ramen chain.. But if i really happen that i only left RM10.00 in my pocket.. I would rather just had a bowl of pan mee rather than complaining the noodle here.. Yeah.. It is that bad... My advice... I rather pull up the pricing and fix the noodle.. and for the side dish.. Lolx hire a new chef la... Omg..how can u sell those stuff.. Have u actually tried??? Lolx i sound so mean today.. Anyway this are still my personal preference = ) there are still supporters right.. Ohya.. I did read alot good reviews about this place.. So i guess maybe it's our bad day, or their standard drop.. So good luck guys and happy trying...

Ikuzo Ramen
No. 52, jalan ss2/61
47300. Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03-78733100

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