Sunday, October 21, 2012

Chapter 74: Satay Satay @ 1U

The shop has been there for quite some time but me and mon were kinda reluctant to try cause there is bad impression on satay chain store which they cant manage to QC their food. U know what i mean ~_____~ Passes by a few times and saw the crowds on the weekend and thought maybe we should give it a try...

We went on the following weekdays around 5-6pm and it's empty.. We felt like a king cos been serve by 3 waitress. And one of them actually playing with my son.. LoLx

Sorry for my super poor iphone4 quality photos.. I think my phone camera having problem..

Happy boy * pinch pinch*

We have ordered a satay set.
Satay set (5 chicken /5 beef) RM14.50
OMG.. With that price.. Is like almost double of what i usually eat. ><
Mon tried his beef first and i had my chicken... The chicken satay might look dry but u are totally wrong... It was very juicy, tender and CHARCOALMATIC. I like it very much but for the beef, mon say it is just below normal. But he is always high expectation.
And for the gravy, it was above our expection, compare this to the olden day's hj samsudin satay, this sauce still lack of ouhmm.. But me wasnt complaining..

The little room at the corner, look something similiar to those room that normally ppl make " siu loong pao" and this, they actually show the process of grilling the satay with charcoal.. = ) yes charcoal grill satay in a chain restaurant is hard to find, not to mention inside a shopping complex... yumm!! Overall we are satisfy with the satay.. And tot giving their main dish for another try..

We ordered a laksa
RM 8.90
It didnt dissapoint us...
Just lack of spicy which i think is alright because we asked for more chili padi to add into the laksa... Yumms... I guess it was a good try = ) for the price paid

TEL: 03-77284828

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