Thursday, June 30, 2011

chapter 41: Lili Marleen Sunset Dinner Cruise @ LANGKAWI


-MY- one year anniversary

i bought the ticket like half year advance from the zero airfare (u should know which airline i'm reffering to) so the flight ticket is just cost me RM 70 return back for 2 pax *REAL DEAL*
it's so cheap till it's like cheaper than taking a bus trip from KL to IPOH return back =)

me and my boy

once arrived~ we rented a nissan sentral for RM 60 outside of the airport (inside the airport only willing to offer RM100 best price)

here goes~
Station 1- Telaga Harbour Park, Pantai Kok

seriously DONT EVER THINK OF TRYING THIS PLACE~ i just write this coz i din wan anymore victims like us +___+
overprice and the food suck (seriously i never complain on paying but when the food is really bad.. *spoil my mood )

but i kind of enjoy the scenary of the place.. ARGGGHHH!! regret.. should have just eat at the LOAF ><

so after the awfull lunch at HAMACHI , we tot of taking the cable car~ but it's freaking expensive so i din bother~ just walk around the place and headed to the jetty near pantai chenang

and after waiting for half an hour at the jetty~
 finally we been transfered from the small little sampan to the big boat

the cruise does look cute from far (really excited)

really nice weather to cruise on that day

but once on board is like nightmare begin~
wonder why there's like family gathering and the kids actually occupied the whole entire place which really annoyed~ cant enjoy much

the interior design are still okay but it has really bad smell that u wont feel good
Anyway, we got this deal from groupon~ RM 250 for 3hours sunset dinner cruise (INTERNATIONAL BBQ DINNER + FREE FLOW BAR)

but seems like it's just normal buffet and only have some wine and cheapo beer which i don really like ><
i was expecting to have BBQ on the boat *sadness*

last pic of the sunset

and sorry that we didnt take much pix on that day coz really bad sea sick
(i actually threw out for the first time on cruise  >__<)

by yann >___<

basically i rather u just take the normal cruise will  be even better than this

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