Tuesday, June 28, 2011

chapter 40: *DADDY-CASION *

hey guys.. i know "we* have been MIA for sometime.. been busy lately.. but promise after the taiwan trip..  we will update more often k...
this is my J Tean Kitchen ~ the fusion bak kut teh review for special DADDY-casion coz i know most of ur DAD cant resists Bak kut teh but at the  same time u wan to bring him to somewhere HIGH CLASS for the special occasion yet nothing interest him... haha.. well my dad doesn't really fancy any other food. so to bring him dine in somewhere special always cause me headache, coz it will just end up eating something that he doesnt like and paying extra just for the ambiance.

 look at their interior~
 with classic interior design with a contemporary twist by using contrast colour of white and red
Read more at http://www.articlealley.com/interior-design-trends--modern-interior-design-ideas-in-calgary-homes-2028549.html?ktrack=kc

 i kinda enjoy the view of the light below like this...

 i super love the drum table design~ can i have this?

 so here... check out with the food~

a thin layer puff pastry over the soup mug, something that we always see in western mushroom soup 

 make sure u serve while it's still hot and fresh from oven.

 J- Soup RM 4.90

and here i serve u the Bak kut teh soup with mushrooms only~ i think the soup itself is kinda salty, but when u eat it with the pastry, it actually match well~ replacement of the  must have *you char kuew* for the normal bak kut teh soup. and this is more healthy (less oil)
good for tea break *wink*

 j-pumpkin soup *price not available*
very thick and creamy soup full of pumpkin flavour. but personally still prefer j-soup.

 Braised Pork with Bun RM 7.90
 juicy marinated pork with evenly fats and sauces just match the bun so much. enjoy this dish so much that i guess i able to finish the whole serving myself...
 J- Ribs RM34.90
 marinated with special herbs (u actually can taste abit of bak kut teh), juicy, tender, and lean ribs which is  oven bake after steam it. personally prefer it to be more crispy during the oven bake. but over all... the meat is really good..

 J-Knuckle RM 38.90
nothing to shout about, the skin is crispy, the meat is tender. but somehow the knuckle is lack of flavours. the signature sauce that comes with it. just somehow bring a little bit of sparks. so if i have a choice, i would not order this. rather go for somewhere else for pork knuckle.
 J- Porky Pie RM 19.90
no. 1 favorite dish of the day. succulent pork in special sauce covered with puff pastry

the pork belly were fried with black sauces and dried shrimps~ well spice and best combo with the puff pastry... oh god.. this is good but mon doesnt like this.. coz it's just too oily for him..
Curry Ribs Pasta RM 19.90

normally u can have *gon lou curry mee* and now is something new that u actually use pasta to replace the chinese *yellow noodle* which is quite a good change coz yellow noodle tend to have those *gan sui* alkaline salty taste. but the curry kinda fail me. maybe i personally prefer something more spicy but this i taste it more like powder curry~


i actually kinda like the soup, ticker than the normal bak kut teh soup that u can get outside. but lack of herbs taste. but maybe is their style. overall i am still satisfy with it.

J-Pork burger

surprisingly this actually really good.. i love the saucing. maybe it will taste even better if the mayo is lesser... the pork patty is really juicy and u can taste abit of the bak kut teh herbs. 2 thumbs up..
J- Chicken Burger

taste equally good as the pork version... the chicken patty is very juicy and well marinated.. haha.. this burger can easily beat down any burger in KFC........

 J- Oblong burger

i love the BUN.. they say the patty is same as the J-pork burger. but i think that this patty is not as juicy, but the both match perfectly~ u will love it once u try...

 Drunken chicken

personally kinda enjoy this. compare to alot of places that serve drunken chicken, this is one of the top in my list.
tempura reddish cake

personally love reddish cake alot, but i don quite accept this, i still prefer the normal reddish cake that i can get at pasar malam or dim sum place.

OH MY~ that's all for now.. THIS IS THE LONGEST FOOD REVIEW I HAD EVER... too much good food in a day... ^^

Rating : ***

Highest star is 5.

J Tean Kitchen
Lot G-58, Ground Floor
SStwo Mall
40, Jalan SS2/72
47300 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Tel: (+603) 7954 0819
Business hours: 10:00a.m. - 10:00p.m. daily

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