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Chapter 59: My Elephant @Hartamas

Not having appetite for few weeks since i started back gym... Dunno for what reason, i just don't feel like eating much... i do feel hungry but whenever i see food, i just feel like vomiting... Well, the only thing i feel like eating is spicy and sour stuff.... which then leads us to here, one of the very famous Thai restaurant , The White Elephant located at Hartamas. Heard this place from my sis and wanted to try it few weeks back but din manage to book a place during then (weekend) and we heard the place is always full and pack with visitors from everywhere... Famous ma, as usual lo...
Anyway, it was afternoon, and i was just thinking, wanted to eat something spicy and so here we are....
From the name i was actually thinking that the place suppose to have a BIG GIANT elephant statue on the front door... lol.. i don't know why i have this image, but is just whenever people tell me about Thai Restaurant, i would assume nice Thai architecture , fill with nice Thai decorations inside, maybe some village/forest like environment with a bit of statue here and there.... hahaha.... so for this case, due to the name , The White Elephant, i was thinking that they will have a big giant white elephant statue in front of the entrance! So while we were looking for that place, (I was driving), I was actually looking for the big giant elephant... Hahahaha... Until i saw the signboard (thank god i found it, with the guide given by the friendly waiter when we called in earlier)... haha.. well, take a look at the picture yourself and you will understand why i said so... It was SOOOO BIGG that we "COULDN'T" have miss it !! xD

Ok, the place was cool and nothing like what i had imagine in my mind... no fountain , no thai architecture, no thai decorations, no leaves no nothing but nevertheless, it was nice with some simple modern decoration... LOL... Well, it doesn't matter much to me anyway, all i wanted was good food and something which can open up my appetite...


So, first thing up

Citron Cooler (RM8.00)

Start up with a nice drink from them call the Citron Cooler... is actually lime juice mix with lemon grass and pandan leaves...  good combination and like the name itself, it will really cool u down on a hot day... Naise.... ! = D

Som Tam Malakor 

We ordered this Som Tam Malakor (which means glass noodle salad with some mince meat and seafood) I personally love this dish and usually order it whenever i go to any thai restaurant... Is spicy and a lil bit sour with some glass noodles mix in with some mince meat , prawn , squid, coriander leaves, onions, and some sour mango..... Is a good combination for a starter to open up ur appetite... Perfect for me now!!! ^^ 
and they did a good job serving this dish with excellent taste; not too spicy and not too sour, js right with springy glass noodles which some restaurant serve it a bit too soft (over cook).... and also the seafood was all fresh... :D

Stir fried kang kung (RM 15.00)

Then, like any usual restaurant i visit, i will order a green... so i ordered this Fried Kang Kung... Hmmmm, im ok with the vegs, but i just dont like how they mix in some mince meat to fried along... i prefer my vegs just vegs... and not with some meat here n there.. hehe... but like i said, the kang kung is good, not over fried, still crunchy and the taste is good... so perhaps i should tell them, "no mince meat please!!! js kang kung and more kang kung! xD"

Snow fish

Ok.. this dish was recommended by some blogs and we din really like it as much... we find the fish a bit fishy taste.. and the taste is too normal to our liking.... hmm, perhaps u guys can try it and let us know what u think? :D

Khai Jiao Ho Mok (RM13)

Is also known as the otak otak omelette.... this is the BEST omelette!!! very original taste..
Fried egg in thick layer with otak otak (fish paste) inside, tomato, onion, basil leaves and some other ingredients which we forgotten what it is.... hahaha u cant blame me, it taste so good that i just focus on eating and i dont remember anything else.... Dip in the sauce together , is the perfect combination !!! Woots.. highly recommended !!! Naissssssse! d(^ o ^)b

Tod Man Plah  Deep fried fish cakes 

Fresh, is like the fish is in your mouth bouncing here n there... so bouncy...
by Yann.... <<<< noobest comment ever (Mon)

Gai Tod Gratiam Prik (RM15)

Ok, this is basically fried chicken but The Elephant style.. i dunno whats the ingredient to their marination, but it does taste good... trust me, i dont really compliment fried chicken while the fried chicken lover is Yann... because to me, most places fried chicken is just normal... not special... but this is different... this is good S!@#.... try it! 

Gaeng Phat Yaeng (RM35)
The duck curry with lychee & dragon fruit 

Ok, this is recommended by the staff of the restaurant.. and is one of the most famous and mostly ordered dish.... is superrrrrrr good... nice combination of taste especially for duck lovers..... u guys should know duck have this different kind of meat taste compare to other poultry... hence is actually quite hard to cook duck or i should say there r limited ways of cooking duck... this is the first time i tried duck curry...and what more, with fruits cooking together with it... the meat texture is tender, not rough, curry taste is aromatic and not too spicy or strong... with some dragon fruit and lychee to compliment the curry, is actually helps to boost out the lil sweetness taste in the whole curry flavor and mix with some fresh santan; BOOOM, MIND BLASTTTTTIIIINGGGGG!!!! Must try guys... d(^ o ^)b

MY Elephant Tom Yum Seafood (RM25)

Da Dang!!! how can anyone visit a Thai Restaurant without ordering tom yum ... right?
Right guys? errr, wait, dont tell me u guys dont order tom yum when u visit a Thai restaurant...
Well, fear not, if u dont , u can start trying this!!! But try this at ur own risk, because this version is the extra extra spicy version.... (of course for some people who cant take too spicy, they do have the normal version) BUT Mon is different, Mon feeds on spicy.... He is the God-of-Spicy.... He fears no spicy.... Ok, so i ended up taking up the challenge... i manage to finish up 1 and half bowl (small bowl).... errr... was not on form on that day... :P hehehe.... but yann manage to down 3 bowl!!! well, if she manage to down 3 bowl, i could easily down 5.... so just to show u guys, i was really not on form... ahemm... back to main topic, the soup was great... dont b deceive by the clear soup based tom yum.... looks plain, but is superbly nice flavoured... with lots of fresh herbs and ingredient and some seafood to go along, this is really a must try tom yum... so far , this is the best tom yum in KL up to date (that i have tried....) 
I can quite certain say , tom yum lover will definitely love this!

Burp!! SO full after all those foods.... BUT i still have some space for some desserts.... hahaha i know what u guys thinking, talking about no appetite and all and now walloping like a pig.... lol ... it shows how good those food is... xD

Anyway, the above is the best mango and durian cheese cake i ever had.... using fresh fruits, the restaurant owner make this own cheese cake and serve it on menu for customers to order... and for those who love this cheesecake and wish to buy a whole cake for any celebration, they do sell it as well... this is really good... im a super big fan of this! but, the downside is, super fattening... >.<
dont think i want think about it for now ..... need to diet... :P

ok thats all for now folks.. is been a while since i write... wife been nagging .... (oh yea for those who doesnt know, we got married ) :D
hahaha... thanks to those who congrats and fuck u to those who din... woots! Ciaos...

My Elephant Thai Restaurant
20 Ground Floor and 1st Floor

Jalan Sri Hartamas 8
Taman Sri Hartamas
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel No : 03 – 6201 0649
Opening Hours : 12pm – 2pm , 6pm – 10pm (close on Mondays)
(also check out their PJ outlet @ Happy Mansion)

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