Monday, December 10, 2012

Chapter 78: Restoran Long Grilled Fish Seafood @ Jinjang Utara

Was viewing back my old photos and saw this...These photos has been resting inside my hard disk for almost a year, so the food quality might be differ =P

Restoran Long Grilled Fish Seafood use to be one of the great hang out place for the seafood lovers... or maybe it's still very famous to some of them... hmm~

i have been here for few times but didnt know this was actually the place i am looking for.. saw them on tv and wanted to try out so badly.. but maybe it's too pack so the quality of the food also drop. unless u are regulars and request request and request = )

One fine night, was craving for grill stingray... so mon brought me here. 

requested for crispier.. so here this is = ) satisfied my tastebud but the chili doesnt have the ohummmm... but overall, not too bad = )

Mantis prawn fried in *season speciality for coming CNY 2012 sauce* (forget what izzit called)
mon and i dislike the sauces.. so i don know they still have this during the cny..  

and lastly, their homemade taufu was actually really smooth... 

hahahaha.. actually i think they have some other famous dish like butter mantis prawn... *yumms* but we didnt order that day cause thought of trying something new.. so... that's it for now = ) 
guess i shall check out the place soon.. since it's almost 1 year already.

Loong Grilled Fish Seafood Restaurant
Lots 12-14, Jalan Kelab Jinjang Utara (aka Jalan Jinjang Aman 2),
52000 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 012-386 2832 / 012-312 2718

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