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chapter 27: MY first Christmas~ ♥

This is our first Christmas celebration... ♥ (sorry for the late post~ just back from honeymoon mah~ lolx )

Meatworks, located at Solaris Mont Kiara... can be easily spotted because it's a corner shop and is directly opposite Cold Storage. I was told that Meatworks actually distribute their beef to other restaurants or food mart therefore you get really good quality steaks for a very reasonable price. (i am not 100% sure on that, maybe you can find out more if you want to) ^^

This is the main entrance and you will see a small display cooler/fridge once you enter with all the different part of beef displaying there. Oh yea, is all for sales and i can assure you is all very fresh beef. = )

As you can see, the restaurant have this small area where they build a cabinet for placing all the ingredients they use to cook the food and some beverage and wine as well. It serve as a decoration for the place and also customers get to know what they r having in the food and what the restaurant carry. Quite smart...

This is the cooler/fridge i am referring to. There is a display stick on the glass saying, "Freshly cut meat available for sale daily at Meatworks butchery"
For people who love to cook their own steak, i do recommend you guys to come over to get your steak, is quite reasonable price for such good cut.

Ok, they have this so call MEAT studio which is located on the second floor. So lets go take a look...

I personally love this Meat Studio a lot. Because it comes with an open kitchen which you will be able to see how your steak/meat is being cook by the chef and there is this tables at the open balcony which comes with sofa seats. But this place is only open for private function and you need to do advance reservation for them to prepare the place for you.
I was told by the restaurant Manager that you at least need 10 people in order to book the Meat Studio. I reckon is a great place for cosy gatherings with friends.
They also have cooking classes and demonstrations for those who are interested in picking up cooking techniques with their professional chefs. You will need to contact them and make arrangement thru
= )

and now back to our dinner~
we are getting hungry... :P

We bought a bottle of white wine from cold storage. Moscato from Wolfgang for Rm70. And they charge us Rm10 for open bottle. Reasonable i would say. Btw, for white wine lover, do try this wine out, is very nice with a bit of sweet and aromatic grape taste. Mon's favourite.... d(^o^)b

Caesar Salad Rm 21.00
Nothing much to describe on this because is a SALAD except for the vegs they use is fresh and nicely serve. Hahahaha.

meatworks Soup ekor RM19.00

Ok, basically is not like typical soup ekor you normally will get from any Indian/Mamak stall. Is not as thick and it does not have a lot of herbs and spice in it. This is a clear soup base which is not as strong taste compare to the soup ekor we have at local mamak shop. Besides the oxtail, there is onions, celery, spring onions and also some parsley. Well, i personally like the taste of it but find it a bit too salty wherelese my dear doesn't like it at all. Oh yeah, did i mention my mum also join us for the Christmas dinner? Lol... She doesn't like it as well.
So yeah, feel free to go try the soup out and share your comment with us... hahaha xD

Rib Eye RM58.00
My favourite main course to order at Meatworks is this Rib Eye steak !! They actually use aged 60 days steak and because of that, the steak is really nice and juicy with a natural strong flavouring in it. (for beef/steak lover, you should know what i am saying, for those who doesn't feel free to google up aged steak and you will understand better..... basically the longer the steak aged, the better it is and the more expensive it will be... normally is 30days to 90days)
I normally will go for rib eye because compare to other parts like tenderloin or sirloin, rib eye is less fat but more marble in the steak which makes it very tender and juicy. Yum yum...
And of course, my steak is usually served in medium cooked so is the meat is more tender compare to well done... ^^

Lamb Shank RM65.00
My dear Yann ordered a lamb shank. Apparently is not very good and the sauce doesn't really match the lamb and is not well braised. She said that the lamb is not marinated well enough and the meat is too rough. She will rather go to Secret Recipe for lamb shank as it taste better and the price is much cheaper... hahaha... go and try it out, and share your comment with us. I din really try this out as i was enjoying my steak.. :D

dish of the day

milk- fed lamb (4 racks) RM55.00
My mum ordered her favourite , Milk-Fed Lamb Rack. She always order this maincourse whenever we go to Meatworks. I personally love this lamb rack a lot but i normally won't order it because the portion is just too small for me. :(
i would probably need 4-5 plates of this in order to fill my stomach. = P lolx...
This is a very good lamb rack, the meat actually dissolve or melt the moment you eat it. I am not sure is it because of the "milk-fed" factor, but the meat is actually more tender and juicy compare to normal lamb. Yann actually regret ordering her lamb shank when she try this. She love this dish a lot too and said that she will be back for this. Hahaha... So i guess , all of us will rate this as 5 star dish. It comes with 2 side dish ; potato wedges serve with honey mustard and salad.... it also comes with a separate sauce (brown sauce)... :D

Rating : ****
i personally love this place due to the great ambience of the restaurant and also the rib eye which i am always having... but seriously, i highly recommend this place to steak lover and for lamb lover, do try out the lamb rack, is really nice and worth trying. = )
The service for this place is not too bad, just that sometimes when they are really busy, you will need to wait for a very long time.... even for a bill. = /

Recommend : for steak, i think this is quite a good place.. and for big eaters like me, go for "Brontosaurus" steak which they have in menu, is a super giant size 1kg + rib eye steak (aged 60 days) and it only cost you RM110 but you will need to wait for 1 hour for the kitchen to prepare it for you (if you want it to served in medium cooked)
Price: Reasonable price i would say given the quality of the steak they are giving.

Highest star is 5.

MeatWorks Restaurant @ Solaris
2G 3A, Jalan Solaris 5, Block H
Solaris Mont Kiara
50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
(Directly across Cold Storage)

T +603 6203 0871
F +603 6203 0872

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