Wednesday, January 26, 2011

chapter 31: ROM to do list~

R.O.M (Registration of Marriage)

Here is the TO DO LIST before Registration of Marriage. i will keep this sweet and simple so it will be easier for u guys.....

1. do read about this~

Non-Islamic Marriages
Irrespective of whether you decide to register your marriage directly at the Registry of Marriages (ROM) venue, or at a religious venue, it is imperative that you file a notice of your civil marriage at least 21 days before the actual solemnization date. You are able to then register a date for solemnization between 21 days and 3 months after filing for a notice of marriage. If you are getting married within the premises of the ROM, you may be able to change solemnization details until the day of the ceremony before the wedding. However, if you are getting married at a venue that’s outside of the ROM, you can change the date of solemnization up until 5-10 days before. You cannot change the date of solemnization to one that is beyond 3 months of filing the notice. You are only able to solemnize your wedding at the ROM venue from Mondays to Fridays.

So.. now u know u have to register ur ROM date at least 21 days before rite (it's not like those drama u watch.. LET"S GO MARRY ~ than u can register............ those are misleading ok~)

next, of coz u need choose a venue for ur ROM. and prepare as the list below~

Application Procedure

Applicants are required to go to the NRD counter/Assistant Registrar appointed by the Malaysian Consul/Embassy with the following supporting documents:

1. Identity card
2. Passport for foreign citizens
3. 1 coloured photo (32mm X 38mm)
4. Consensus form /licence (if relevant)
5. Birth certificate (for applicants 16-20 years old)
6. Death certificate (if relevant) Letter confirming marital status (single)

for more check here, i wish this helps~

2. decide what to wear for the big day~

3. photographer (hire or asking for helps)

4. reserve table for after ROM party (optional)

anyway.. it wasn't my big day... sorry for the misleading post earlier ( i feel super guilty now........ SORRY... )
look guilty huh~ ya.. i know.....

and yes... is her big day and her name is YEK MEI LEE.. pretty huh.. yeah.. too bad ya late.. she is now taken... lolx............

ok la.. i know i'm crapping already since it's like delay-ed post and i still feel super paiseh after that misleading post... lolx

once again.. congratulation to ms mei lee.... opps.. i mean mrs yap

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