Thursday, January 13, 2011

chapter 29: cha cha pan mee

Mon mon were craving for pan mee today~ so i bring him to this place which just located near to my place called CHA CHA pan mee~ i guess most of u guys had already try this place long long time ago, cause it's been there for like ........ maybe 4years, I'm not sure about it but this definitely my first visit.

we were seated outside of the restaurant, next to the entrance coz we wanted to smoke, i guess this seats isn't for dining but for customer to chill and smoke... i guess, coz when we wanted to add orders or asking for bill, it took like forever for them like to even aware of us.............. emo-sial~

dry pan mee (serve thin noodle) Rm4.50
This is what i've ordered, not as good as i though after reading some other bloggers' reviews~ maybe i'm not a big fan of pan mee~ but at least i know that the noodle is well cooked and not those soggy type or u feel the texture of the noodle is very flat... hmm. how do u describe it when it's like overcooked? BUT the portion is seriously big~ i cant finish it even it's SMALL

soup pan mee rm 4.50

mr. mon always love his pan mee cook in soup base, which i never like it, because i always scare that the soup will end up taste like clear water + salt or maybe some ajinamoto. But to be honest, the soup wasn't as bad as i thought but it's slightly sweeter to me. BUT still better than the soup comes with the dry pan mee. (somehow taste like what i've mention.. YES! like clear soup with salt + ajinamoto and added ikan bilis? LoLx

oohya... and forget to mention about their chili~ i bet most people who love pan mee will always love to have spicy and thick chili sauce to serve with the noodle right. Sadly, their chili is also MAMA desu~

paper wrap chicken (Rm 5.00)

once our side dish arrive, mon were actually shock~ WHAT's this?????!!!

yann: hahahahhaha........ this look like fried chicken wrap in paper....

mon: =_________=

and guess what... it's really taste like overnight/ left over fried chicken wrap in paper and didnt even heat it and serve... lolx.. so do u need me to describe more about this? nah..... pass this~

Rating: **

giving 2 stars coz of the noodle... at least the noodle is still qualify la, other than that i don see any reason i will be visiting the place back. unless mr. mon wish to visit the place. REMEMBER i'm not a pan mee fan....... = )

recommendation: the portion is really big, but i would actually recommend some any other stalls, just anywhere could be better than this.. i guess... i wasnt sure about this, but i did have some great pan mee experience last time but i think that stall already move out... so u tell me where to eat so i can bring my mr. mon to check out the place. sekian terima kasih.

Restoran Cha-Cha Pan Mee Original
K-G-1 & K-G-3, Jalan PJU 1/43
Aman Suria
47301 Petaling Jaya

They are opened for breakfast from 7.30 am till 4pm and dinner from 5.30 - 9pm daily (closed on alternate Wednesdays)

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