Wednesday, November 17, 2010

chapter 6: yann's birthday (2)- the tales of "7 tiel yin"

The Tale of the 7 Cigarettes aka "7 Tiel Yin"

Hahahaha this is one funny incident~ remembered i said we actually went to Genting? We went there to have a one day trip holiday and we went into the casino to gamble. And she was introducing me this game call Three Cards Poker and i kinda like it after playing a few games and learn how the game works. So to cut it short, i told her that i am very lucky with this game call Blackjack and that i will always get 21 (if you guys know about this game then you will understand that 21 is the highest point you can get..)
So there was this particular game where i got this card 6 and 7 of Spade and i did not see the last card but i was so confident that i am getting a 8 that i straight place my bet without thinking and i was telling her that " dang sao qin la (wait to take money in cantonese) " and she was like " yayaya.. (while walking off from the table) " She got no confident with me at all lo !!! Hahahahaha can't blame her though but STILL......
In the end the dealer open up my card and i got a 8 of Spade!!!!!!! I got a STRAIGHT FLUSH !!!!! Wooooootsssss~ hahahahaha (see, god of gamble is here!!!! :P)
And i still remember before we bet we were talking about how if i got 3 of a kind then she will marry me and stuff and now that i got Straight Flush and she is denying it... sob sob
Come on guys, be my judge, someone please tell her that getting a straight flush is actually much harder than getting a 3 of a kind!!! Lol
I still remember the whole table of player was like cheering for me and Yann and I was so happy, obviously part of it is because of the money we won and is also because the whole joke about it and that she was walking away.. Imagine, someone won and walk away from the table and don't want to collect the money!!! Action betul!! hahahaha
So after that, we were still continue playing and was hoping to get my 3 of a kind and we were talking about the movie from Stephen Chow how he said 5 Ace while smoking 5 cigarettes in his mouth and during then we had a pack of Dunhill with 7 sticks left and our version was "7 Tiel Yin"
Hahahahaha... that's how the tale comes from... ^^
I just love that day, the atmosphere and our laughter... i was very happy and during then i really felt that our love is perfect and even god bless us with the straight flush. Therefore our whole Genting trip was sponsored by our dear Uncle Lim and we even got a lot of stuff back from Genting, including our first Sticker Photo puzzle. Hehe, of course i still do feel that we are blessed and our love is perfect.... Love her..

our first sticker photos taken at genting~

and lots and lots of small bears from genting arcade~

by: mon d(^0^)b 'woootzzzz'

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