Wednesday, November 17, 2010

chapter 6: yann's birthday~ (1)

7th of July 2010 !! Is my dear Yann's birthday today and is the first time i actually celebrate her birthday with her. I still remembered that i promise to grant her 3 wishes upon her birthday and guess what, i actually keep my promises and grant all her 3 wishes... = )
The very first wish was, she wanted to have a Cupipi doll which we saw at MPH Bookstore because i said it kinda resemble her (due to that cute little white doll face and the wings behind her back.. because she always said she is a flying pig Hahaha :P). That was one hell of a tough task because we saw that doll like a month ago or so and when i went back to MPH Bookstore, they actually took it off from the shelf and no longer selling it. I had to ask them whether they carried it at other store and whether when they took it off from the shelf and so on... At first one of the guy actually said that they return all the goods back to the supplier and they no longer have it in any store and i was like "OMG... Now where the hell can i get those doll now!?" then thank God, i recall that they said they just took it from the shelf few days ago and due to my past experience with bookstore, they actually kept those goods in their store room before they hand it back to the supplier and i actually beg the Store Manager to let me check in the store room to look for it. At first the manager was very reluctant to let me do so till i told him that i actually need to get that doll to propose to my girlfriend and without it, it would not be complete and i wont be successful!! Hahahaha of course i was lying during then, but that's how hard i was trying to get that doll... :P And after searching for 15minutes, i actually Found it!!! CUPIPI Doll!! The exact same one!!! :D
When i gave that doll to her, she was so happy and i still remember that smile/look on her face. I guess i will never forget that look, where she felt so touched and she was so happy how i actually went through all the trouble just to find that doll for her.... and of course, it could not be done without the help of the Store Manager who allow me to search for it in their store room and also with God's Bless... = )

Now, her second wish.... She was actually wishing for me to spend her birthday together with her. Hahaha this is easy because i also plan to do so... BUT of course when she ask me i actually said "Errr i might be busy on that day, i got some important errand to run"
She was damn sad during then because she actually had a small party with her friends at Bamboo during the night and wanted me to be there with her. So she end up going with the friends and around 11+pm "Da Dangggg" Mr Genie me arrive and she got a shock. LMAO~
But i still remembered she was like having fun with the friends and dancing with some guys... Sob sob guess she din really care whether i was there or not also... T T
Well, i guess at least i grant her second wish.... = )
Oh yea, her second wish also consist of me spending time with her alone to celebrate her birthday.... hahaha which we went to Genting Highland!! d(^o^)b

Lastly, her third wish~ this is actually a secret and so i wont be spilling it here and i guess is only between me and her. Hopefully she remembered what she wish for and for the record, i actually grant it as well... YEAAAA~ I guess i am a genie too! Lol ^o^
p/s: the 3rd wish is kinda cheating since i am a genie itself.. felt cheated >.<


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