Friday, November 19, 2010

chapter 7: GOTCha~

july 18 2010

our first trip off the busy city and off to quiet melaka town~

what's with my "gotcha" title?

it's totally a last min plan trip~
4pm~ near dinner hour, i called few of my frens (some i actually lied to them... and here comes the story)

my fren hui wen asked me something~ which i cant really remember what.. and i don know why, it just end up... the news that we are MARRIED... (but since the story dah made up~ must well i continue... ngam? )

ohya.. so this is also how i dragged my fren to go melaka with me.. haha~ askng them to help us to take wedding photo at melaka... and i was totally unprepared wan.. just saje buat kecoh nia~

p/s: ms. wong hui wen, mr. hor chun sin and mr. shum wai loon~ don blame me... it's all mon;s fault... i'm totally innocent..

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