Sunday, November 14, 2010

chapter 3: sing k session or listen k session~

2days after~

april13 2010 *EMO DAY*

as usual... 13 always been my emo day... i just dunno why.. i got emotional easily on the 13~ even i'm not aware of the dates... i still got this kinda emo syndrome... so... i name it 13rd~ emo day~

he skipped work today~ something happen to him (which i guess i shouldnt mention it here... )

he say he wanted to go sing.. so i just accompany him.. since i got nothing to do... so what i did was..... SIT~ i sat there for whole 6hours.. and he just sang for the entire session~
he's definately a sing k freak... and really can sing... ^^ *drooolllll* (this is a secret... i super love guys who can sing.. i mean sing well la... )

after that, we went to starbuck @ 1u... (the place now is our first rated fav. spot to hang out... )

our all time favorites~

my cuppa earlgrey and his signature hot chocolate~

p/s: don look at his macho cool look.. actually he super childish wan lo... suddenly hide bhind the door and scare ppl wan... (see... i will so gonna tell the whole world about ur bad stuff... see u dare to bully me not.. bleakkkk... hateuuuu~)

by: yann


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