Friday, November 26, 2010

chapter 16: not so good after all~

Jackson burger.... the first thing that came to my mind when i heard the name was something which is as great as Michael Jackson. I heard great rumours and story about this Jackson burger and i had high expectation towards it. Imagine, homemade patty meat, with own saucing and flavouring... how can it be bad? That was my initial thought.

Ok, so finally, there is this one fine day where i brought ms Yann Yann to go try this burger out (3rd attempt) and we were looking for it because we got no idea where it is located, we only know roughly the location and that it is selling with a white colour van along the road.

We found it within minutes, is not such a hard place to spot along the road due to is the only van which is selling burger and the van actually wrote, Jackson Burger on it. We were anxious to try this burger out so , Hop we off from our car and we were like yelling "BOSS TWO OF UR BEST BURGER PLEASE!!!"
Hahahaha, sound desperate? Ok, i was just joking... Lol
I actually ordered a beef burger and my dear ordered a chicken burger, both with egg.
After couple of minutes, the burger was done, and we couldn't wait no more, so we ate on the spot at that very place!

We open the wrapping...

*Da dang*

..... Nothing surprising, just normal ordinary look. Then i was thinking, it doesn't matter how it look, as long as it taste good!
So i start eating...

*Nom nom nom*

Taste really normal too... swt =.="
Ok, maybe beef is not good, lets ask my dear Yann about the chicken!

*Nom nom nom*

Swt, taste worst than Ramly Burger. =.="
OMG!!!! Seriously, i think it sucks! I seriously think Ramly Burger is better than this so call homemade patty meat burger. And i really don't understand why all this people out there like it so much... whats so special? Anyone? IF you guys know, please do tell me, cause i am really curious? To me is just an ordinary burger, nothing to be "Hoo Hoo Haaa Ha" about. And for the record, the beef patty is also over-cooked!! Come on, beef lover... basic rules for beef, no well done!!! IF any beef lover love their beef well done, then perhaps i recommend you guys go eat a deer meat! Or perhaps go buy a book and read, any well known chef book, like Jamie Oliver or etc.
Not trying to critic or so, but seriously, i just can't accept all this comment of greatness about those food when they are no where near GREAT!
Apologize to those who hate this particular post of mine, but i am just gonna share out what i felt and after all is my blog, so dun read if you dun like it. ROFL xD

Ok, i am gonna end this now, lastly, i just want to say sorry again for those people who dislike what i said, or for all those Jackson Burger's Fan... i know how people say, food is subjective but i do believe everything there is a way to measure it, if not there won't be cooking competition or food critics. And to me, i just think is no good! : (

Rating : * (this 1 star is just for the homemade patty meat which is no good, but at least he still try...)
Recommend : I think you should know whether to try anot after reading what i said... feel free to go try if you still want to.
Price : Ok, to me, expensive because is no good. Compare to Ramly, is pretty expensive.

1. Highest star is 5.
2. Which place is good? Depends on your budget.. if you want something which price around the same, i recommend you Ramly burger; and any Ramly burger should taste around the same or better but cheaper. = D
Or you can even go buy Mc Donald, is around the same price or just top up a bit. :P

yann: can anyone prove to me that is really homemade patty meat? because i see there's alot of ramly 's plastic bag. (arghh.. i should have take a photo of it too.. lol)

by: mon~ the nom nom

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