Friday, November 26, 2010

chapter 15: KLCC aquaria~

23 oct 2010

do u know that we have a giant stingrays, sharks and lots and lots of fishes in KLCC?
" the only state-of the art 60,000 sq. ft. aquarium right in the heart
of beautiful Kuala Lumpur City."

u guys as a MALAYSian should really check it out... ticket price check here

one saturday evening... my mon mon decide to visit the fishes again~ (not his first visit)
he just like to visit these fishes every year... he said he feel peace to be surrounded by those fishes and it just makes him feel happy...

nahhhh........... here's the giant shark i've been mentioning.......... (LoLx) cute isnt it~

DANGER high voltage~ the arrow somehow like pointing at me.... lolx....
Mon : yaya pointing at you... " BEWARE : High voltage, might kill ! " lol :P

look at that cute little shark circling the mini pond for us to touch...
Jr Shark : " Touch my body~ la la la la "
Yann : Hmm... Sekinchan selling a lot of shark dishes, is this worth something? O.O

Ok everyone.. you guys should know this.. this picture here is actually take no. " dunno how many times " because this lady here actually scared of touching that cute little Jr Shark... lolx cakap saja macam daring... but rupa rupa is scaredy cat... : P

Yann : scare scare *gigglling*

Mon : Come let me catch you and play with you~ ^^

Ok, this is damn scary.. it looks like a sea alien... @@
Mon : Eeeew... really want touch meh?!?!
Yann : touch la touch la.. faster faster.... touch i want take photo...
Mon : ( what a good wife... =.=" ) lol

Da dang.... This is how this alien ( Horseshoe-crab ) looks like... *yucksss*
Mon : Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! Alien ahhhh !!!

Mon : *bangga* i dare to flip it over...." hahaha sei le lei, can't flip back over neh "..... i mean the crab.. : P

ok, and here we have Mon's bestfriend, the Red Belly Piranha... it is said that the fish can devour a full size tuna fish in 25 seconds... scary...
p/s : dun be deceive by the innocent and steady look of the fish..

Mon : I AM NOT SKED !!!! xD

Oh ya, one more thing, the Aquaria KLCC offers a feeding session for all visitors at 4pm daily... you might want to check it out when you visit there... : D

Mon : Ahhh... Lovely couple at Aquaria... Everyone agree? :P
Yann : -.-"
Mon : Sob T T ( she dun agree....)

Den Deng Den Deng Den Deng~~*deep voice*
Here....... i present....the real shark~
Yann : *roarr*
Mon : Does shark roar? @@ LOLX

and this............ GUESS GUESS what's this~ ^ ^

This is ..... Errr.. "Dunno what" stingray? Lmao... sorry guys, i really forgotten what ray is this, but Mon call it as smiley-ray wor... wahahahahaha... xD

This is the underwater tunnel where we are under this giant Aquarium where we see all the giant fishes like shark, stingray, sea turtles, Nemo, sea horse, sea elephant, sea hippopotamus and ......
Yann : *smack* dun listen to him..... actually there is sea lion in it.. :P
Mon : Hahahaha yea yea, i nearly miss that out... *wink

p/s: btw, all fishes seen under these tunnel is 30% smaller than actual size... = )

me likey turtle... too bad didn't manage to capture of the turtle.... (who say turtle very slow geh........)
Mon : hahaha only you think so... soh poh.. lol

Mon : hmm.. wonder when can i catch some of these and put in my own aquarium.. xD
Yann : you mai dive into that tank and swim with them lo...
Mon : yea hor.. i forgotten that i can do so... ^^

LOL.. we are like selling advertisement here.. hahaha.. well, just want to share some information with you guys.. that you can actually dive into this giant aquarium and swim with the fishes with one of the Aquaria's Diver... of cos you need to pay.. and is not cheap... if is not mistaken, is RM400 for one session and dunno for how long... you might want to check this out at their website.. = )

love this pic...... coz we're like walking with the fish............. thanks to *i dunno who* who took this pic for us... *love*
Mon : yaya.. love love... love the fishes, and love Yann... xD

prepared by :
Mon and Yann d(^o^)v


  1. i ate the horseshoe-crab before ..the eggs... first taste was gross...but i got addicted to chew on the eggs after all.. XD...

  2. actually i also eat before... but once nia.. than i don dare to eat d.......... eeewww