Tuesday, November 23, 2010

chapter 9: i'm a pro baseballer ^ ^

does anyone here knows that there's actually a baseball batting zone kat 1U?

if u don... than u guys should check it out.. coz it's super cool... *syiookkkk*

it just another random evening that mr. mon wanted to bring me to try baseball-ing~
and once again.. i'm not dress up as a baseballer~

mon: look gaya betul aku~
yann: *puiikeee
see...... that's how i dress up that day... i even wore heels that day........... salute me huh~

and why i claim myself as a pro baseballer?......... not just my pose la... i actually hit the ball... *yeahhh* but... the ball hit back on my own leg twice (not easy u know~)

closer view.. u can see my leg red jor.. T T *sniff*

i still enjoy my game... try it out.. and if u guys don know how to play.. do ask me... i will teach u how... (to wack ur own leg at ur own risk.. ^ ^ )

by: yann


It's A Hit! Batting Cages Cum Jolt Cafe

Upper Roof
Zone E
Telephone No. : 03- 7727 2576


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  2. Interesting sport~ whr u play baseball? nice sh0e...whr do u b0ught fr0m? mind to share m0u?? ^__^

  3. ohh.. it's at 1utama... u should check out the place.. very nice and relaxing place~