Sunday, November 14, 2010

chapter 5: TUNA with love~

Ho ho ho~ this time around we are going to talk about the most mysterious and special food of all..... TUNA SANDWICCCCCCHHHHHH !!!!! *wink wink*
hahaha... ok , you guys might think is nothing special but to me is damn bloody SPECIAL ! Why is that so? Ok, read on and i will explain.... xD

This is the first time i actually make a tuna sandwich for my dear Yann and is kinda special for me because i actually put in a lot of Loveeee and heart to do it. (Now you know why is so special... :P)
And yea i know, i still haven't explain why isit so mysterious. Just hang on till you read about the ingredient then you will know why... d(^o^)b

First of, like most of you people out there, tuna sandwich of course consist of tuna and bread! hahaha, what else.. name it... mayo, onion, butter and some people actually put in some cheese...
BUT my tuna sandwich is totally different... not as common as you people out there!! YEA i am talking about you, the one who is reading!! LOL

Ok back to serious business down here... my tuna sandwich ingredient is as below :

1. Tuna Chunk in Water (why chunk and in water? because first of, chunk gives you a higher protein compare to flakes and in water because is lesser calories compare to oil or mayo or any other thing)
2. Mayonnaise (preferred low fat or best still if you can buy Japanese Mayo because it contains more eggs and therefore taste nicer..duhhh..)
3. Lemon Juice (buy fresh lemon, and squeeze out the juice! Dun be a dum dum and buy a bottle of lemon juice ok! :P )
4. Black pepper (grinded...)
5. Bread (if you are a health freak, probably you should choose oatmeal, taste just as good but is Complex Carbs, so less fattening... unfortunately Ms Yann here is not.. :P)
6. Mixed Herbs (buy McCormick brand, the one with the green cap and transparent bottle, easily available at any Cold Storage or supermarket)
7. And now the final main ingredient which what makes it so mysterious.......

*Drum rolling......

*Still rolling.......

*Stilll rolling... LOL

Is LOVEEEEEEE !!! Lots of Lots of LOVE!!!! Hahahahahahaha.... Bite Me !!! I know what you guys are thinking!! But hell i care! LOL.. Honestly, i bet most of your mum or parents told you guys, the most important part in cooking is to cook with love and heart, without that, is just another food... Get it?!? LMAO, i cant stop laughing... xD

Ok, enjoy the pictures and i will explain the steps below.. d(^o^)b

First of, you need to errr... shit i think i dunno how to write a cook book now. Is just so hard to write the process of making. -__-"
I will try my best ok... First of, "uncanned" LOL..... what ever it is .. just pour the damn tuna out from the can to a bowl.. Get it? xD
p/s : you don't need the water, just the tuna will do
Secondly, "smash" the tuna.. LOL ok, maybe i should use the word mash it? or ... ( shit i start to feel like an idiot, i cant find the right word to use.. =.=" )
Thirdly, put in some mayo and lemon juice into the mashed tuna, and start mixing it.. (i suggest not too much of lemon juice because you wont want your tuna fillings to taste just like lemonade) and mayo, personal preference..
After that, add in some black pepper (this part is tricky because you do not need a lot of black pepper as we are adding in mixed herbs, so becareful... IF you add too much of black pepper, you cant taste the mixed herbs)
And now the final stage, add in the mixed herbs and mix everything evenly.. (portion for the mixed herbs is subjective to personal preference but i suggest you put in a little to try the taste, and if you like it stronger, then you can add it on later... ALWAYS remember, you can always add it later if is not enough, but if is too much, there is no point of returning... xD)

Phew, damn this is hard... i never know that writing the process of making is such a tough thing to do... I need a rest man.. hahaha, ok thats all for now, hope you guys enjoy what you read and do comment after trying it (only if you like it.. hahahahaha)
Till then, take care and enjoy the Mysterious and Special Tuna Sandwiccccchhhh~~~~ Tata

p/s: Ok, the photos are taken by Ms Big Head Prawn aka Yann!! She totally forgotten to take the picture of the completed Tuna Sandwich!! OMG! Ya ya .. blame her ... : P
I am sending her a warning letter now, next time i should fired her as my photographer... ROFL

yann: are u really gonna fire me.... (T____T) *snifff*

all prepared by : Mon d(^o^)b

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