Friday, November 26, 2010

chapter 14: harlo PHUKET~

7am~ we depart from lcct (right after i finish work....... ) we reach phuket around 10am local time and super exhausted~ seriously... no joke... i actually fall asleep while waiting for our room to be ready.. (when there's a bunch of korean sitting at the lobby.....)

and this is our room with seaview~ *wink* basically... all the rooms here is facing sea... lolx~

love it~
free shuttle to patong beach hourly... and free shuttle to patong beach twice daily~
it was full when we wanted to book our space to patong beach.. so, we ask them to bring us to kamalan beach so that we can rent our own bike and travel around (best way to explore the island and save alot of $$$).
those taxi and tuktuk drivers are great killer... lolx~

they bring us to this BENJAMIN bike~
so we got our bike for 350bath a day... (try to nego around 150~300bath)

our lovely blue blue bike.... cute~

off we go~ and now... from kamalan to patong beach is just around 20mins ride (or maybe lesser...)

for your information, u just need passport to rent the bike, NO NEED MOTOR licenses... so, along the way~ we saw this place... (easier for u to find. just look for andaman beach suites at patong beach..) There's plenty of stalls and something we call hawker along the street which selling reasonable price~ (we heard alot about the place that are charging super high.. so we dint want to be one of the victim, we choose carefully)

one of the must eat thing in my list...
pork satay~ ^^

actually we wanted to go phuket town to have our dinner... but end up... we're here at LINDA seafood~ the food i rate.... MAMA desu~ so i wont be bother to blog much about it.... but funny thing was~

we ask the waiters about getting to phuket town... and they say it's easy ride... just follow along the road... and we'll get there...

and when we talk to the boss... she actually told us is super dangerous and better not risk...

dilemma sial~ but we both are risk taker.... we went to phuket town~

it was dark, cold, and rain during our 1hour ride to phuket town.. and not much of road sign... (on the way to phuket town... we have ask a few ppl on the road... and almost all.... i mean really all... say... *ohh... just 5more mins u will reach... ) and imagine how many 5mins we have heard...... lolx~

and finally we are here... the rain has stop too~ *phewww* lucky us

the first thing we bought is ICE CREAM... ok la.. i'm not the one who is craving for ice cream.... (i should know who.... )

fried pork... *best of all*
stuffed squid... *me and mon doesnt like it....*
another stall selling pork satay.. ( alot ppl Q for this stall... but it wasnt as good as the one we tried earlier... )
sausages.. *not as good as those i've tried at bangkok or hatyai*

and last dish of the day~ braise pork rice.. *slurpzz*

ps: by following the way of how we eat.. u will probably gain 2kg at least for the entire trip... so EAT at ur own risk...

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