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chapter 17: once upon a time......................

hmm.. let me think how to start this......... ahhemm *cough cough*

long long... long long time ago........a land far far away from city... (actually is just less than 2hours drive :P )

there is a little town in the middle of the main rice-bowl area of Selangor called SEKINCHAN.... the town is pretty old and everything there is just OLD... you know like how you walk into those small little town where there is no tall buildings and only paddy field and wooden house? Ya.. is about the right image that you are imagining now... xD

*and there, she met him ~ *

A young and down to earth modern farmer with a charming smile and nice BLACK straw hat with a pair of WHITE boots... (ok... i know, it starts to sound contradict d.. lolx..... LOVE THE BOOTS... hahaha)

Young Modern Farmer : Hellooo beauty..... Looking for some riceeee? *with a big smile on his face*
Yann : *faint* *love love*

he is a nice young man who volunteer to introduce his own plantations....... Look at that big smile on his face!!! xD
He said that during this time around, the paddy field is about time to harvest. It only takes 3 months for the paddy to grow and ripe. = )

Young Modern Farmer : you came the right time, beauty! this is the most beautiful time where the wholeee paddy field will shine in golden colour under the sun... "May i walk you around? " ^^

Yann : *still fainting* Okkkk... *blushing*

and slowly they fall in love for each other........... ( it was fast also lo hor, only within hours. Oh wait, maybe is love at first sight leh..*wink wink* )
So they walk and walk while chatting with each other..... and...

# Reader : WAIT!!! Where the hell does all the camera shots comes from then?!!? Siapa angkat gambar ni?!? wtf...

"Silent!!! Readers are not supposed to question the storyline! Just continue reading, and who cares where does all the picture comes from as long the story is good and loving... lol.. xD" #

Ok, now let this "Under da Bridge Story Teller" continue the story... :P

Cut the story short, and from there they knew that they are meant for each other and decided to be with each other for the rest of their life.... they made a vow to share ups and downs and in future that they will... bla bla bla bla ( just another fairy tale la, no need me to tell you the whole story la dengz... "lukis lukisan tak payah lukis keluar usus" direct translate from Cantonese

*see how loving they are...~ sweet couple ^^

Young Modern Farmer : Although you are heavy, but i will carry you for the rest of your life!!!! Arghhhh..!!!
Yann : *still fainting....* *love love*

and tadaaaahhhhhhh~ HAPPY ENDING................ (i like this pic.. ^^)

okay... seriously, we know we suck big time at this... (will try harder, terima kasih atas sokongan tuan tuan dan puan puan! )

anyway...... after snapping a few photos.. we left the place and not exploring much... once again.. thanks to my Mr. Tripod who did the great job~

Oh by the way, before this, we did some research on what to eat at Sekinchan. and we notice there's a lot of ppl recommended this place.........

Jiann Chyi Restaurant......... with their MUST TRY dish

SHARK PORRIDGE~ i don really like fish and porridge............ but personally thinks this is really not bad... worth trying when ya around Sekinchan, although Mr Young Modern Farmer (Mon i mean) thinks that is normal because obviously he don't like porridge and also fish... lol

Deep fried sotong or squid......... my fav~ very strong butter taste.... which i like it...... *slurpz*
Mon : Yumyum d(^o^)b

Deep fried shark meat...... also not too bad.... best part of this dish is, no bone, no fishy smell and is damn crunchy... for people like us who dun like eat fish because of the fishy smell and bones, this is a perfect dish.. :D

Ohya... and a green veg too.. but i din take pic of it................. coz too normal d.....

but the bill is just RM40....... although just both of us... but i still think that is consider reasonable.... and it's almost 3-4pax portion.....

Rating : ***
this 3 star is for the food quality based on the price and also we do think is not bad and worth trying. Especially you won't get to eat shark meat just anywhere especially shark meat porridge. We will definitely be going back to try some new stuff and post some comment on it next time round... = )
Recommend : Like i said before, is worth trying and especially for porridge lover!
Price : Ok, side note : I am a true believer of, Quality comes with Price. Therefore eating shark meat and seafood which taste good and fresh, RM40 = very reasonable
and we actually ordered a pot of "Cha Wong - King of Chinese Tea" which normally cost RM6-8 per pot, KL price... so minus that off the bill, is really not that expensive.

1. Highest star is 5.
2. Which place is good? Hmm, i do not know where you can get shark meat porridge or deep fried shark meat... so i got no idea where to recommend if you want similar food. :P

Jiann Chyi Restaurant
No.156, Bagan Sekinchan, 45400 Sekinchan, Selangor.
Tel: 03-32414690

operates early morning till 3pm
and if not mistaken.. they are close on friday~


prepared by :
Yann and of coz Mon who keep claiming himself good looking MODERN YOUNG FARMER in the story d(^o^)v

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