Saturday, December 4, 2010

chapter 19: the more u don eat... THE MORE U NEED TO PAY~ lolx

There was a big hoo- ha about this japanese buffet promotion that emeryn tag-ed all of us in facebook.. and really looks like a great deal~ in just 20mins 500 vouchers been sold~

i wanted to buy too~ but when i'm free to check out about the vouchers~ it was all sold out..

i tak puas hati~ so tot of checking out about this japanese buffet restaurant which is so near to my place and cheap~ (consider cheap if compare to others~ )

okay la.. actually i have been craving for japanese food~ so we still went to try out the place even though we have to pay FULL price for the buffet meal~ NO 50% off k~

so here's the menu there serving for buffet~ ala cart buffet style~

menu grab from fb sentsuru~

if u ask me.. how the food~ i will say~ OK la.. what can u expect when u only paying like half compare to munakata or other well known ala cart buffet~

and what's with my title? ohya~ u guys should continue reading till the END... MUST ok~

so here's what we actually ordered~

1. cawanmushi~

2. unagi taufu

3. chicken katsu

4. unagi tempura

5. ebi tempura
6. ebi fry
7. koebi karage
8. spider maki

9. salmon, tuna, and ebi shusi (from left to right )

10. agedasi taufu

11. unagi temaki
12. iidoko kyuli

13. salmon sashimi + tuna sashimi

14. same as above~ (second order) REMEMBER THIS PIC.. COZ THE STORY WILL BE ABOUT THIS~

and the 15. GARLIC RICE~ that cost us RM6~

so now.. here's the story~ ok la.. i know some of the people who is kiasu enough to order or take super alot food... and ended up cant finish~ than.... YA.. i hate those kinda ppl who waste food~ and i don blame that u can charge them extra if they din finish the food~ BUT... how can they charge us RM6 coz that we cant finish just this bowl of rice.. and i repeat~ WE ACTUALLY ATE MORE THAN HALF~ AND IT'S SUCK....... WE DIN WANT TO WASTE OUR QUOTA~ THAT'S WHY WE DIN WANT TO FINISH IT.......... and than.. the waitress told us rudely~ "U CANT FINISH THIS.......... WE CHARGE U RM6.........." (WTH...... yes.. that's what i said during that~ ) seriously... if u want me to rate this restaurant... i can say super conning.. (i can apply this tactic also... can earn super alot.. just let u all order~ than prepared it super YUCKIeee.. than u cant finish......than.. i can charge u actual price... GOOD? lolx)

ok... just RM6..... JUST PAY THEM.......... end of story no#1
but than.. THERE'S MORE TO COME~

just right after we ask the waitress... than come our next dish, salmon sashimi + tuna sashimi~ THE first time we ordered the sashimi, IT WAS GOOD~ seriously.... the fish is fresh and therefore, we want more (that's the purpose of BUFFET kan~) view the pic above~ than u will notice there's actually 2 sashimi's photo~ but ok la.. cacat camera cant see much diff... but~

just this pic alone~ u can see the colour of the salmon is dark and the texture itself is soft like realllllyyy soft ( for seafood lover, you guys should know , if the seafood is not fresh, the texture of the meat becomes flabby kind of soft or whatever best word to describe it ). And please notice the picture above, the one salmon which is standing alone, notice the dark colour part of the meat? YEA the whole plate of salmon is like that... and just like any normal customer, we asked for the waiter in hope that he will take note of the salmon so he will check with the kitchen and hopefully they will do something about it to avoid any food poisoning for customers who come to their shop...

so we ask the waiter (is a continuation of the above conversation with the fried rice)~

mon : but wait, what about the salmon? is not fresh and you are not gonna change it? so if you serve me some sashimi which is not fresh like this, we still need to pay full price and you are not gonna do anything about it?

waiter : yes ar, is like that wan wor...

mon : *frustrated* wah~ u expecting me to eat this kinda fish?

waiter : .................... *with a frustrating look*
everyone also can eat and din complain, are you trying to give problem!??! the fish is memang like that...!

mon *now he is really pissed off* : so, if anything happen to us, are you and this whole restaurant gonna take full responsibility?!

waiter : if u think there's prob~ u can talk to my boss... *with a very retard and LAN C Face! *

(Can you all believe that?!! What century is it now? We are supposed to be in a century where service is the key in F&B line!!!! And yet we still have this kind of retard? He thinks that we are so free to purposely give him problem if the food is fresh? Where is all the customer satisfaction and quality control of food?!? Ok, i seriously don't mind he charge me, which is consider damn stupid for a buffet especially ala carte buffet, BUT EVEN THE SALMON? WTF?! He is not even gonna do anything about the *spoil* salmon? IF i were to be in his position, i would just take the whole plate of sashimi back to the kitchen and ask the chef to check on it while responding to the customer, " I am really sorry sir.. I will inform the kitchen/chef and let them check on this for you. Please wait for a moment while we change you a new plate. Reallyyy sorry... *with a smile on their face* " and that's what i call service!! (*take note : this is for the waiter to read!!! LEARN SOME MANNERISM AND SERVICE INTELLECTUAL SKILL ! )
Anyway, THAT CHINESE WAITER IS SUPER RUDE....... unacceptable! )

Mon : oh, if so~ pls, i wan to talk to the boss. (DARE US HUH~ lolx... expression some been exaggerate for more entertain while reading ^^)

and so we waited for quite some time~ and the boss didn't show up~ we asked the waiter 2nd time and he said that he (the boss) will be responsible for anything which will happen to us if the salmon is not fresh~ but we still tak puas hati and Mon insisted on wanted to see the boss... Come on everyone, WHO DARE TO EAT WHEN YOU ALREADY KNOW IT'S NOT FRESH.... We are not gonna risk our life or health for that RM 40++ buffet!! So... we insists on seeing the boss, MR. B~

20mins later~

FINALLY~ he came~

FYI~ we wasn't there to pick a fight or giving trouble... Honestly ... we just want to enjoy our meal with our friends while trying out this new place~ so we voice out how we felt and let the boss know about what's happening ( for all readers, if you read the whole thing from beginning, you should know the whole damn problem was the service provided by the waiter and waitress... food not fresh is just the second thing but seriously~ THE STAFF seriously suck big time) ~

so, the boss changed the salmon for us... and ya~ THE BOSS IS ACTUALLY SO MUCH MORE POLITE AND FRIENDLY COMPARE TO THE STAFF~

Seriously~ all i wanna say is... if MR. B actually realize about this post, please take note of this~ even the food is suck or what... good staff must know how to handle the situation and minimize the bad impression of the restaurant~~ otherwise, no matter how good is the food, your service is gonna destroy all the good reputation of the restaurant... (u know what i mean rite... ) I am not here to teach people how to run their business, but i wish they realize that they are in F&B line... and F&B is actually a service line.. service comes first! and i am not even gonna start with the "Customer is always right" policy here... because the staff dun even know the basic...

tq for reading... finally~ all my "fire" is out liao~
haha~ actually there's more story about our MISSING food ~ ( THEY SAY WE ATE IT.................. how come i eat and i didnt notice. or i should say 4 of us didnt notice what we ate~ ) but i also din want to be leceh la.. small issue also want to make it so big deal~

Rating : ** (this 2 stars is because, i cant put 1 and half~ so overall the food experience wasn't that bad, just that the experience we had with their staff, SERIOUSLY BAD SERVICE I'VE BEEN )
Mon's Rating : * (sorry... i just cant accept all these kind of bullshit and service.. and i cant believe there's still this kind of service nowadays... really bad experience...)
Recommend : to me (Yann)~ i will pay more for quality food and service rather than paying less and getting this kind of service n food ~ seriously i don dare to go back~ but maybe it's just my unlucky day~ so why not u try out and let me know again~ ^^

1. Highest star is 5.
2. Which place is good? if u want something similar price and buffet style~ i will suggest UMAI-Ya~ free flow beer some more~ ^^
if u willing to pay more~ than you can go Munakata or even Kanpachi *wink* ~ ( i haven really try both but Mon did ) ~

prepared by :
YANN~ (if it's Mon~ i bet this post will be 100000000000000000000 times worst~ )



  1. boycottt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! will nvr ever go no matter how nice is the food . i hate sucker service !

  2. Umai-ya ka...lots of varieties mou?

  3. seriously......... it suppose to be great dinner turn out.. we stop eating already...

    jenkin..... cant compare..... but even 70 choices also not so many la..

  4. i'm sorry to read about your bad experience in sen tsuru.i was working as a kitchen staff there,before they started the buffet service.previously we're doing a-la-carte and the consistency and presentation was pretty decent,really.we get regulars but sen-tsuru is struggling with business in this challenging town of kota damansara where restaurants are opening up and closing wasn't anybody's wish to change to this course of service(buffet).as for the food and price,i think it is worth it coz you get wut you pay for,afterall it is a buffet.and about the freshness of the fishes,i can assure u tat chef b is a strict and skilled person when it comes to his stuffs.i'm saying this becoz i had been working with him for quite some time.maybe it isn't wut it looked like.but come to think of it,running buffet meaning ingredients in the kitchen get used up pretty fast,maybe things dun stay long enuf to get spoiled.for the fried rice,maybe well,yeah kitchen was crazy bz things aren't cooked to perfection like for the service part,i'd like to apologize to you on behalf of them.i'm sorry tat it happened,thank you for your feedback,this is an important discovery i will inform them about it.

    i dun mean any offence to anyone with those comments i made here.and again,sorry for everything happened.thank you for dining at sen-tsuru :)

  5. yeah~ as i mention in the blog, the boss are much more polite compare to his own STAFF, i mean seriously if they handle the situation differently, i will be better. as in not really piss the customer off..

  6. hmmm,u're right u did mentioned i missed tat,sorry.i had already spoken to chef b and he can recall the issues u had,and ur blog too.bout the sashimi,he explained to me that the sashimi served was the belly part hence the pale and lighter tone of colour.the fried rice was maybe coz of the garlic,and yeah the service was bad.

    i hope u'd feel better after knowing what might hav caused your dissatisfaction and discomfort.i'm not saying like we're putting the blame on the fish or the rice,u know :)

    well anyway,sorry and thank you again.

  7. My own experience.
    I got to know this place via n since i love jap food coz i eat it nearly everyday. i bought a lot vouchers to go to this place. i bring my family n frens here. But overall their food is ok but nth great.Whats bad bout this place is how rude their staff is.

    Ive bought quite a number of vouchers since i eat jap nearly everyday.

    I am not sure if thats how they treat all customers but the first time we add on Salmon Belly (only RM3) to our buffet and they told us this one have to pay n dint even put in our order. so fine we just ignore it as we were full with other food.

    Second time i was there i ordered salmon belly n i was topeatedly i have to pay for that as its not included in their buffet menu.Its like we cant afford to pay RM3? Then the staff even said Jap food is suppose to be expensive food so the buffet is very cheap . Look at our ala carte menu our price aint cheap!

    The third time i was there i wanted to order salmon sashimi n knowingly one portion is just 3 slice i ticked 5 units BUT it was my mistake that i ticked salmon sushi so it came n i was shocked n when check back my order form it was my fault so i just accept it .but the staff was very rude. He said i was here a few times n i can make such a mistake. Come on ! its not like i am not accepting the sushi. It was just me n my fren . 2 gals cant finish so much rice so we just ate the salmon n not the rice coz there is 10 of it n we manage to eat 4 of it n left 6 of it on t he table. 3 staff came n told us repeatedly wastage have to pay. Yes we understand.We've eaten buffets before n we understand any wastage of food we have to pay. My fren was kinda pissed off the third time when they reminded us have to pay for wastege so she just rambled n say yes yes, we will stuffed it up our mouth !! n guess wat the staff said , you gals using voucher oredi very cheap still talk in such a frustrated manner. Come here few times also tick wrong column n make a order mistake. What kinda customer service is that?!?! Then we din wanna order anymore n asked the green tea dessert to be serve as we ordered earlier. Then he said no more green tea ice cream so i said but we oredi ordered when we arrived. Then he said even if you order but we donthave anymore so no more lar. Then within seconds later the lady staff brought us our green tea ice cream. So i guess thats how diffrently u are being treated. Tells u out of stock if they have it.

    Seriously i was so pissed off during that visit.. My fren was pissed off how they treat us and wanted to eat the rice up but i told her its only probably a few ringgit or RM10-20. Only a few pieces of the rice sushi. how much can it be ? Its not like gold n we have to pay RM1000+ So we called for the bill n they charged us RM5.50 for it which was alrite.We are so not gonna stuffed ourselves for those unwanted calories for a mere few ringgit.

    From that moment i said i am never gonna step into that place ever again even if they say its free. Their staff is so rude and frustrating. I love jap food n i once thought after finish utilizing the vouchers i would go there to order ala carte as i love toro n uni but now i rather go fukuharu, senjyu or hajime than this place.

  8. thanks for ur truthful comments...