Monday, December 20, 2010

chapter 20: how to say TASTY in arabic~

"journey to authentic middle east cuisine" once you step into the restaurant, you will feel yourself at Arabic. especially the strong spice aroma fragrant and also the decorations and furniture
the bricks wall and the colorful chandelier, hanging carpet on the wall... shisha~
even the toilet door knob.. (cooool rite... but cant be lock properly ~. beware!!! LoL)

okok... now back to the food~

Laziz Mazza
(RM 35)
A combination of Hommos, Mutabal, Wara Ainab & Arabic Salad.
i will recommend u to order this if u have more people dining together, it's really appetizing and refreshing

the main ingredients of the salads are tomatoes, lettuce,cucumbers, mint leave and lemon juice ( even my friends who doesn't eat vegetable love this....... ^ ^) what we did was just add all the vegs and paste and wrap around with the pita and tadaaaa... *nom nom nom* (m wasn't sure about the eating method, but that's what the waitress taught us mah..... )

- sauces (left)

Hommos blended with tahina paste topped with olive oil.

- sauces (right)
Grilled egg-plant mashed into a dip mixed with Tahina paste.

Sish Tawook (RM 24)
boneless chicken breast meat
personally thinks that the chicken is a bit too dry, but still acceptable... best serve with the pita and garlic sauces *yummy*
Laziz Mix Grill (RM39)
A combination of Shish Tawook, Shish Kebab, lamb cubes & lamb chop.
i personally thinks that the Shish Kebab is superb. juicy and yet still remain how a lamb should taste like even added with spices...... anyway if you love to eat lamb like me, i think u must try this~ Briyani Chicken (RM 25)
with finest basmati rice cooked with the middle east way, with herbs and spices ( u can eat this at any other mamak in malaysia.... BUT this....... is superb.. ) they serve in lamb and fish too~
wanted to try their lamb but we had ordered mix grill which mainly are lamb, so we tot of trying the chicken. but the chicken itself less of taste but the rice is just so aromatic fragrant. I'M SO GONNA COME BACK FOR THE BRIYANI LAMB

ginger tea (RM 7)) me and mon mon~ me and chun sin~ and my gals
hui wen, me, mei lee, voon and emeryn (from left to right)

Rating : ****
freshness of the food, quality and service (soso only) but overall i am satisfy. just that we waited almost half an hour for the dishes to arrive.

Recommend : seriously should come for the laziz mix grill and their briyani rice
Price: Slightly at the higher price but what i will say is. Worth trying. ^^

Highest star is 5.

ohya... and for my post title... the answer is LAZIZ~ ^ ^
happy reading = )

by yann


Off Jalan Duta Kiara, Mont Kiara,

No.18 18-1, Jalan Solaris 5,
Mont Kiara, Off Jalan Duta Kiara,
50480, Kuala Lumpur

Tel : 03-6203 6607


  1. laziz :)
    Never try Arabian food. seems like it worth trying uh:)

  2. yeah... this place is good... should try~ ^^