Tuesday, December 21, 2010

chapter 21: mon's birthday @ phuket~

18-0ct- 2010~

woke up 6 in the morning local time~ malaysia time is 1hour ahead of thailand time~ (which means 7am GMT+8)

haiyooo... what ever it is.. i still think it's kinda early especially after yesterday super gan jeong + adventurous + tiring bike ride around the city~

after packing everything (like sunblock, towel, camera, hat, and some $$........ Aarghh... i cant remember much about the trip d... sei mou~) than, we went for our breakie and wait for the tour guide to arrive~

it took almost 1hour + to reach the Rassada Pier~ (the reason why it took so long was because we stayed at Kamalan beach, slightly further up in the Phuket Island and we need to pick up other island hoppers...)

Finally.. We reach our destination!!! GREAT WEATHER as u can seee... super sunny~

it has been raining for the pass few days and guess that we are really lucky to have such good weather on that day! Weeeee~ ^^

Inside the boat is all fully occupied, where the passengers get the sheltered seats... and we though since it's a good weather... just get some tanning on board~ BUT I WAS SUPER WRONG~ once the sun rise till middle of the sky.. i seriously feel it's burning my skin~ and down to my cell~ PAIN (>__<)

Mon : BUT... I LOVE IT!!!! Weeeeee ~ Is supposed to be a beach or island trip.. how can we not enjoy the sun!!! d(^ o ^)b

Agree everyone??

Ok, so we reach our first station, MAYA Beach! ( one of the very famous international movie was filmed here... if not mistake...hahaha... i think the movie title is "THE BEACH") = P

Look at the colour of the water!!! Is superb!!!! Crystal blue clear... what else can a beach lover like me (Mon) ask for!! hahahaha.. Love it!

And we only have half hours to wander around the island or swim~ and since the water is like crystal clear~ we went for a quick swim........ :D

... ...


and this is Monkey Beach~ don't ask me why they named it monkey beach~
according to the tour guide, the place is called Monkey Beach because there are lots of monkey on that island/beach... But.. we only saw 2 monkeys.. and that 2 monkey are not afraid of any humans... so i am taking a guess, is that their pet? LOL hahaha.. how can any wild monkeys not afraid of poeple and walking around and eating those foods given by us... just my wild guess...

Mon : And of course, there were two more monkeys during then... look at the picture and you will know what i mean... hahaha :P
(Shhhh... keep it to yourself)

the tour also bring us touring around Phi Phi island which include Loh Samah Bay, Pileh Cove & Viking Cave and snorkeling~

All the island that we went to was superb... is all clean, and i love the colour of the sea water... is like blueish green... very very nice.... from the boat, we are able to see the fishes swimming in a group.... and not to mention, the corals... = )

yeah... we went snorkel in this beautiful place, but am just too hungry (tak larat /no strength) to swim or even move~ so just jump down the sea for like 5mins..... I SURRENDER... and left mon mon alone swimming~

Mon: sad me... :(

so pic below taken by him with my G11 and water casing ^^

fishessssss.......... lots and lots of them~ ^^

Mon: Ooo..... u looking at me? wanna b friends? :D

Enjoying the view on the deck~

after snorkeling... we head to an island near Phi Phi Don for lunch (30mins to arrive)

take our lunch at this cute little hut~ (it's on a new on-going developing island by Thai gov, I FORGET THE NAME~)
hopefully the next time we come here, we are able to see some new resorts and nice beach.. ^^
look at his tired face~..............

and it's not the end yet....... they bring us to another " dunno what is the name" island... (ahhemm.. excuse me, how many of u can remember all the name of the places that u went....... I BET is like less than half of u.. so don complain... LOL)

so we had another session of suntan on the beach.... (fall asleep on the beach is NOT FUN AT ALL.. especially u forget to bring ur shades.. u will end up BLIND..... NO JOKE U KNOW.... )

Mon : Couldn't see any colour at all for about 10minutes... everything was like black and white... so coool... :P

so, do get urself a shade if u planning to get urself expose to the sun for long hour~

*Picture taken in our hotel room while preparing ourself to Patong Beach for a nice walk and dinner... :D

Sawadee-Cup !!!!

We walk around Patong Beach while looking for something to eat and sight seeing a bit...
Mon bought a straw hat because the one he bought got flown off when we were sitting on the speed boat... kesian him, the hat only lasted for like few hours... hahaha

Then we came by to this restaurant where we had our dinner... a Thai restaurant.. but we forgotten the name.. :P
Well, we have a tendency to forget things which is not nice... Got what we mean? :P

Neway, the presentation of the food was not bad...

Heart shape rice... hahaha~

fried morning glory (not so bad..... )

green curry chicken ( taste like santan... )

tom yam ( not taste... )

haha... so it doesn't matter what's the name of the restaurant.

When on our way back to our hotel, we stop half way and tapau some street snacks and celebrate my mon mon's bday~

HAPPY BIRTHDAY.... smuakzzz........

by yann...
and Mon... d(^ o ^)v

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