Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Chapter 64: Petite Millie @ One Utama

It was a public holiday eve, so one of my friend decided to have lunch together... and my first question was MANA?... coz my gang always hang around the same place.. or maybe just kim gary, mj cafe, mcD... which i kinda sien d.. so i manage to convince them to check out this place which i wanted to eat long ago.. YEAHHHH ^^


It was located one of the corner between new and old wing of one utama. 


The menu was quite simple or limited i would say.. but actually good enough since they have a few signature  dishes that u shouldn't miss it... *yumms*


Juicy Dream RM14.00 ( watermelon, lychee, strawberries) 
nothing to shout about

Fuzzy Frost (Mango, Peach) 
Taste like water +______+


Potato Soup infused Baby Romaine RM13.90
NOT TOO BAD... but the majority thinks that it taste like vegs.. 

Farmer's Selection RM10.90
Order this coz we know the dish portion will be too small to fill in all our tummies...  and to dip this with the soup.. but the bread itself was too good.. so... munch all up within minit.. muah = D

Poutine Cheek... and its deadly Poutine Cheek RM25.90

There were a few selections under Poutine menu... what's Poutine? basically is just our normal french fries but with gravy..  and their recommendation was poutine cheek which is BEEF.
Personally i don take beef, but i will still eat the fries.. = )
The fries has absorb all the essence of the beef, mushroom, cheese and other ingredients 


I'm from Quebec... RM25.90
But for the chicken... which is quite disappointing, maybe i have tasted the best one.. so to those who cant take beef, maybe u can try this. It's actually similar ingredient as the Poutine cheek, but this is chicken.
Luv a Duck.... Twice RM29.90

YES.. and DOUBLE THUMBs Up for this dish.. 

 Manila clams Linguine RM29.90

i only took a bite on this dish not because that i don like it... i think it was good... normally i don order pasta outside.. coz kiamsiap ppl like me thinks that i can cook it at home and paying with that price. i can have abalone slice already.. LOL.. just kidding. but for this.. i think the sauce were very "seafood" in a good way. FRESH and flavorsome = )


Country Hillside Lamb Cutlet RM49.90

Here, recommendation from me... = ) to all lamb lover/ meat eater like me.. this is a super good that all of us none stop complimenting how good was this. mouth watering lamb cutlet grilled till medium- medium well. super juicy  and well marinated.. at first i was worry the slab of mint sauce on the lamb, but it complement each other so well.  even those side dish were awesome too = )

Apple Crumble RM19.00
The crumble tart were too thick... but the apple filling was just nice. but for the price we pay.. i might wont order it again, unless i'm super desperate.


Mascarpone Tiramisu RM 17.90

way toooooo normal... i prefer the one at tanzini  =) but of coz more costly

seriously we didnt expected the dessert was that expensive... maybe i should say it didnt worth the price we paid... hmmp.. but overall i still enjoy the moments spending with my besties... GOOD FOOD, GOOD COMPANY

hope that in future will have more time to hang out together.

ps: i hope the waitress/ waiter can give better suggestion and study their own menu well. coz i find that they didnt give much recommendation.. or maybe just that few dishes worth trying?  *oppsiee*

Petite Millie
Lot G146, Ground Floor, 1 Utama Shopping Centre
47800. Petaling Jaya. Selangor.
Tel: 03-77320395

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