Friday, August 3, 2012

Chapter 63: SS20 Fish Head Noodle

Intentionally came for the search of a nice bowl of cendol. Yes... recently i have been craving for nice icy drink. and i remember i have seen one of my fren's instagram introducing about the cendol around DU area... 
didnt really aware of the restaurant name till i search back the post and saw.. it was at the SS20 Fish head noodle which located at the same row of SuperTanker Damansara Kim. 

Is just kind of weird if we just drop by to have a bowl of cendol. 
into a fish head noodle shop without ordering fish head noodle.. hmmp
So ended up, we ordered their fish head noodle as well.

The cendol and sago ice was serve before our noodle. GREAT.. i never have a stomach for dessert. = )

The pandan-ish cendol, coconut milk and mild sweetness level of gula melaka just complementing each other well. but the Sago ice was quite disappointing.. lack of taste, not enough gula melaka.. (maybe is just this bowl)
but overall we enjoy much =)

next, the famous fish head noodle that i have heard long ago but forget it exist... it use to be at the Gerai MBPJ damansara kim and now they owned a shop too... i guess the old stall still there, not too sure... but the stall definitely close at night.

Haruan Fish head
Haruan Fish head noodle RM 11.50 
we ordered *lai fun * and fried fish

Not too bad, but i would prefer stronger taste of soup. maybe should have more pickle veg and add in more rice wine... i find it tak cukup ouhmmm but i enjoy their fish... The fish are super fresh and thick although only serve 4pc and i love their chili too = )

* i remember there's a remark on the side of the order list... i guess next time when i try this i willl add in remarks like MORE WINE MORE PICKLES.. = )

Old Address
Gerai 20, SS20/10, Damansara Kim, 47400 Petaling Jaya 012-6288896

New shop was just opposite of the gerai and same row as supertanker Damansara kim. confirm u wont miss it because of the bright signboard

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