Thursday, August 9, 2012

Chapter 65: Tamayaki @ Publika

Tamayaki~~~~~~ yummy yummy

It's a takoyaki chain store from japan . Probably less than a week. Am always a huge fan of takoyaki, especially after tried once in tokyo few years back and now, turn out searching back the taste..

Colorfull !!!!

Similiar ordering method as those bubble milk tea.. Waiting for our nom nom

It's just a small store which only able to occupy a few seats but i guess is good enough because i think their main customer are mostly take aways order.

Looks good huh... I think so too.. But wonder why the mayo look so artificial..

Grilled unagi RM7.90
Mon tried first.... WAHHH nice.. Good good... Than i took one and try... >< mud taste.... Yiekkk... Was wondering why dear who has been picker than me actually say it was good.. Than later he tried another pc... His face turn blue... LOLx...
Wanted to ask him to tell the management but we didnt.. Because it wasnt every pc of unagi that have mud taste..

Chicken sausages and cheese RM6.90

I like mine... Something taste real close to the one i have tried in tokyo.. But i think they should replace it with kewpie mayo = ) i am happy gal now...

I like the crispy outer layer and the fresh cabbage of tamayaki's takoyaki... I know some takoyaki chain store will just add in the cabbage into the batter instead grill it separately.. Therefore lack of crispiness...

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