Friday, April 29, 2011

chapter 37: thai food that serve PORK ......... woohooo ♥

i know most of u guys who has been to Thailand definitely miss their FOOD..  and i wonder why malaysia never able to serve that kinda quality/ standard of thai food, till one day i bump into this thai restaurant during late lunch hour~ i remember there's alot customers during the night earlier so i guess there's no harm to try~

flip thru the menu *weeeeeeeeeeeeee* they serve pork~ as u know most of the Thai restaurant here are mostly Halal so it's really rare that they serve PORK thai food in malaysia.

Tom Yam (clear soup base) RM7.50

the tom yam is just taste exactly like what we been serve in thailand. just that the spiciness has been more localize and i guess it's more acceptable to local (but i still prefer spicier)

Pandan Chicken RM15

marinated chicken meat and wrap in pandan leaf. the chicken is very juicy but mon still doesnt think it's the best ( he still looking for the taste he use to eat when he is young.. so do recommend me where serve BESt pandan chicken ya.. ^^)

Kailan with salted fish RM10

very normal..
BBQ pork neck RM 21 (300 grm)

best da best of da day.....soft and lean. 2 thumbs up for the chef which they didnt over grilled the pork.. it's still remain juicy of the meat and bit crisp on the outside and it's well marinated, not to forget about their garlic sauce... woohoo~ i just loving it~

Rating : ****
Personally i guess this place is great because of the ambiance and the PLUS POINT they serve pork~ HIGHLY RECOMMENDED and cant wait to visit for the second time..

Recommend :
Price: Reasonable price with the generous portion~

Highest star is 5.

A Wet Thai Food Cafe

1. Ground Floor, Jalan Puteri 2/5
Bandar Puteri Puchong. 47100.
Puchong. Selangor

website :
Tel: 03-80605630

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