Thursday, April 28, 2011

chapter 36 : some pork dishesh that u must try @ THE PORK PLACE~

Few weeks ago~ we visited THE PORK PLACE @ IOI boulevard again~  of coz we miss their shoulder-loin BUT as a food lover, this time we are back for something new. We wanted to try their other stuff in the menu therefore this time around, we did not order anything we ordered last time. = )

Ok, lets cut things short, this time, we tried something which the staff recommended us on our first visit to their shop, Teriyaki Pork Belly Rice !!! RM 29
Mon always like japanese food especially teriyaki ... so, he is easily lured by the idea of Teriyaki Pork Belly.. hahaha fei sei lei (Fat Die You direct translate from cantonese)~ xD

Da dang ~ !!!!! Looks delicious , a whole piece of pork belly was coated with teriyaki sauce while grilling it with a very well control temperature. How i know that? Is because the end result of the meat, crispy on the outside while tender in the inside. Seriously, two thumbs up for the chef ! They really did a good job on cooking this piece of Organic pork belly. The sauce was not too sweet and it did not spoil the meat flavor. Compliment with some basic egg fried rice, this is simply the best teriyaki pork belly rice i ever had. Yum Yum yumm.................. d(^ o ^)b

Ok move on to the next dish! This time around, Ms Y decided to order on of her favorite dish, Curry Tonkatsu Don ! Which means Fried Pork Chop with Japanese Curry Rice !!

Ok, i have to agree that this picture does not look appetizing or taste good, BUT you have to trust me, this is really a good Curry Tonkatsu Don especially to those who love japanese curry but just find it a bit too sweet and not enough spicy. Because this is not like any ordinary japanese curry rice which most of you out there have tried, this is actually more like the real deal. The curry is very nicely spice, aromatic and is not too spicy but at the same time, is not really sweet type of curry. I have no idea on the recipe and ingredient use because i dunno how to cook japanese curry. >.<
But trust me, this is really a must try ! They serve this with 2 piece of tonkatsu (fried pork chop) , japanese curry with some vegs mix into it and white rice. The pork chop was nicely fried without too thickly battered and later on poured on top with the japanese curry.
I am already hungry while describing this.. ok, got to go for some food now.... do stay tune for more great foods and places on our next post........ see ya... ^ ^

Pork Place
Lot31, IOI Boulevard,
Jalan Kenari 5, Bandar Puchong Jaya
Tel: 03-8076 9608

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