Thursday, December 26, 2013

Chapter 81: windsurfing@ putrajaya

Sorry that this happened 1 year ago... So i don really remember the details.. Butl i wanted to blog about this so that when i am old.. I have something to share about.. LOLxx and also at least some photos to hdd kapooot last month so i lost everything. Lucky i still keep some in my ipad.. So here is what i can share ><

Anyway i got this package from groupon.... Cant remember how much.. But u can check from

A short lesson on how to windsurf.. Not hard to learn but really hard to master.. And for those who doesnt like speed.. This wont be the kinda sports for u as it will go up to 70km/h.. Can u imagine that without motor and only just wind ><

He is a great instructor.. Because a noobie like me can surf once hit the water =) or i am just born talented.. ----> yann is writing here..

I know i showing mon's pic.. But i didnt have any pics to prove it..


Okla.. Mon did very well.... I quit playing after i know the skills.. Too extreme for me d...

I swear to god i really know how to surf.. Just that i only have this pic >< i blame mon not taking any good shot... Piff*

Love kayaking... More leisure and easy to control speed
And here our ceremony... Kakaka

Tell u a secret la... Sifu actually said i am good lo... Just that i really cannot tahan on the speed.. Come challenge me if u no believe me.. Hehe.. That's all for now.. Byexx

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