Thursday, November 29, 2012

Chapter 76: The Cup @ Publika

A quick post on a quick grab @ The Cup which I think just recently open at publika, nearby the eat food village and same row as tamayaki .
It's something like take away concept in the western countries which we always saw in the movie. No seats provided and all are meant for take out.. ohya.. did I forget to mention that it's actually korean cuisine =)
They serve in a 'cup', it's all simple yet really delicious. 
A quick glance on their simple menu and recommendations from the owner. We ordered a bulgolgi mushroom rice rm 12.90 ( small) by the way, we just had dinner so this was plainly food tasting.. and damn.. we regret we order small because the food is really good..
And for drinks we ordered a blue lemonade... it's really refreshing =) 2 thumbs up for the cup... will definitely come back to try out their other stuff.
They have delivery service around mont kiara area via panda delivery... Y U no come to puchong.

The Cup @ Publika
Lot No.:UG - 53
Location:LEVEL UG

"The Cup MENU "

if u crave for korean food... guess this will fix it = ) ( for delivery)

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