Saturday, April 28, 2012

chapter 54: OM burger @ Ampang

It's located at Ampang, which is super far from my place (seldom travel down to KL). But i still decided to try this out after reading BOK's blog-

we actually manage to find the place... thanks to BOK = D
it wasnt really that hard to spot the stall because it's just right infront of 7-eleven

indeed, it was the greasiest/sloppy burger i ever seen (look at the amount of margerin they used)
was quite reluctant to try... but *SEI JAO SEI LA*

we ordered 2 burger (chicken and beef)

and look~

the bun actually couldnt wrap the burger, it just like split the bun into half without breaking it, so it's like the egg will be on the top, next the patty and then the bun...

surprisingly it's really juicy (duhh!! they dump into the OIL TANK)
i quite like the overall texture, especially how they cook the egg and wrap the patty with it

okay, seriously this is sinful!!!! try at ur own risk ok

Burger OM
Lorong Kolam Air Lama 1
Ampang, KL
right infront of the 7eleven

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