Sunday, February 19, 2012

chapter 49: SATAY @ kajang

When comes to Satay~ it always must be Kajang, or when we mention about kajang we will never forget to check out their satay. so today Me and mon went all the way to kajang to look out for the best satay to satisfy our tastebud~ yes.. i know it's a *sinful craving*

First station - Ngak Lan Satay @ RESTORAN MALAYSIA
This place was recommended by my friend and it's the only halal satay that operates by chinese owner in kajang.            

love the charcoal smoke smell~ makes me excited = D

personally thinks that the peanut sauce not as OUHHMMM and not enough sambal but overall still acceptable.
we have order chicken, lamb, beef and duck~

 i didnt try their beef sate but according to mon, it was superb. and for the duck sate it's just too normal and quite dry~ i love their lamb sate which is really juicy. and for the chicken sate~ i think is too dry and not grilled ( i prefer those that have some fats in between)

Nyok Lan Kajang Satay @ Restaurant Malaysia (HALAL)
No 31, Jalan Semenyih,
43000 Kajang, Selangor, Malaysia.

Contact : 03-8733 1160
Bussiness Hours : Opens from about 11am until midnight

Second station- SATAY EMAS @ Medan Sate Kajang

Get to know this place from one of the locals (highly recommended)

love their thick peanut sauces <3

each piece are well charcoal grilled *slurps*
tender juicy and crispy outer~ just love it~

anyway i must recommend their "sate tongkeng ayam"(chicken butt)  yeah i know it sound disgust but don worry, they have debone it and doesnt even look like what u are going to eat.. = )

Restoran Satay Emas Kajang
No. 1, Medan Satay Kajang
Jalan Stadium
Kajang, 43000 Selangor

Last Station - Hj Samuri satay~

The famous franchise satay chain in malaysia.

Didn't bother to take pic since it's so well known. and i wasnt been bias, i do think the sate at hj samuri doesn't taste as good compare to few years back, even the peanut sauce is very watery.

I am glad that we have at least try some new place and tasted great satay~ so if ever pass by kajang i will never forget to visit the local satay stalls = )
anyway to anyone of u who happen to read this post, do recommend me where to have the best satay around..

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